3 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness During A Pandemic
3 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness During A Pandemic
Giftpack’s experience at the G Camp training workshop
3 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness During A Pandemic
Victoria Pi
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In the past few months, Giftpack underwent a grueling competition called “G Camp Global Accelerator Program” and became 1 of the 5 winners of the “G Camp Global Accelerator Program Award.”

G Camp Workshop Attendees

G Camp is a program that aims to help Taiwanese startups gain international media exposure and connect with other startups worldwide. In the past three years, G Camp has brought the winning team to conventions such as SXSW in the US, Slush in Finland, StartupGogo in Japan. Even in the time of COVID-19, G Camp is unstoppable.

Two weeks ago, Giftpack joined G Camp’s Training Workshop about digital marketing strategies for the current economic climate. Here are our key takeaways from the session:

  1. Utilize LinkedIn to build connections online.
  2. Create localized content with influencer marketing.
  3. Make an impression when pitching stories to media.

Impact of COVID-19

Coined the “Black Swan of the Decade,” COVID-19 disrupted businesses of all industries. How are businesses responding? Going remote. Working-from-home, video conferencing, online collaboration are now the norm for engaging in daily business operations. Events are going digital. Most notably, physical trade shows where businesses connect with each other are put on hold and evolving to online formats.

But is it a complete loss? Maybe not.

The purpose of attending tradeshows for businesses is to make connections with buyers and gain media coverage. Reaching out to media channels and connecting with buyers are achievable online for sustained business growth.

LinkedIn is essential

If you’re using LinkedIn exclusively for finding jobs and passive profile updates, you’re underutilizing the platform!

It’s not just a job site.

It’s not just for corporations.

It’s for you to make connections that matter.

With more than 706+ million people using the platform, you have unlimited opportunities to connect with people without distance limitations. You have the chance to meet someone who might otherwise be out of local reach. Most fortune 500 decision-makers and executives enjoy browsing on LinkedIn in their spare time. This is your chance to connect directly with decision-makers.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Make and grow your connections on Linkedin

Approach people with a purpose. Narrow down your target prospects based on your ideal customer profiles by maximizing the use of LinkedIn filters. Reach out to them with a tailored message to make an impression. Your goal is to take the conversation off LinkedIn. Build rapport and guide the conversation towards an offline meeting.

Influencer marketing

Another outlet to consider when increasing awareness for your business is influencer marketing.

“Influencer marketing is a marketing style that focuses on using influential people to share a brand’s message with their chosen audience” — Anna-Marie Odubote and Nick Crompton from Social Chain

Influencers can play a significant role in helping to get your business in front of the right audience. We tend to trust recommendations given by other people. Typically people will conduct a quick online search about a product to read reviews before buying it. Products endorsed by influencers automatically gain credibility, helping to boost a product or service’s sales.

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

Influencers help you localize your content

The greatest advantage of partnering with media influencers is localization.

  • Localized content through its language and style.
  • Localized audience depending on the influencer’s circle.
  • Localized acceptance with the influencer's audience through social proof.

Before partnering with influencers, Hootsuite cautions the three important aspects to consider:

The size of the influencer’s following and the people you can reach.

Gauge how relevant the influencer is to your business’ intended audience. Does the influencer’s audience align with your market?

Potential engagement the influencer can generate with its followers for your brand. Large accounts with huge followings lacking in engagement may not be as effective as micro-influencers with smaller followings but better engagement rates.

Focus on trust. Engagement stems from trust. Likes, comments, shares, and views are all signals of how much followers trust the influencer.

Stand out in your pitch emails

You want to make an impression for people to want to write about you. Here are our top tips to increase responses and engage with your contacts when pitching through email:

  1. Pitch to the right people to build a connection.
    Define your target audience. Are you looking for media influencers to write about you? Potential influencers to test your product? Your message to each group will be different based on their interests and goals.

  2. Use relevant subject lines.
    Compelling enough to make them read your email. Incite curiosity. Build intrigue. Trial various types of subject lines such as appealing to current trends, highlighting your product’s key features, or personalizing the email to the influencer.

  3. Keep it brief.
    Keep it short and concise with only the most relevant information. Summarize the main points. You can always follow-up with supporting information if they ask.

  4. Tailor your angles.
    Introduce yourself and give context about why they should write about you. The purpose of your email is to get the receiver to think about the angle they will write about or the angle you are looking for. You can demonstrate social proof by including businesses you’ve already worked with to boost your credibility. Be sure to leave your contact information for follow-up opportunities and always include a clear call-to-action.

  5. Send follow-up emails.
    Sometimes emails get lost in inboxes overflowing with messages. Send a follow-up to check-in. Keep your business top-of-mind.

  6. Don’t give up!
    Building relationships is time-consuming but can result in worthwhile returns.

Photo by Guille Álvarez on Unsplash

Business growth doesn’t have to stop in the midst of a pandemic. The workshop hosted by SparkAmify taught us that is it still possible to find success, even if building brand awareness might look different than before. Keep making connections to increase business opportunities.

3 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness During A Pandemic
Victoria Pi

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