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5 Eco-friendly tips/gifts for your co-workers to make this planet a greener place
5 Eco-friendly tips/gifts for your co-workers to make this planet a greener place
Eco-friendly Earth Day tips/gifts for everyone to help restore this planet
5 Eco-friendly tips/gifts for your co-workers to make this planet a greener place
Octavia Chen
Apr 22nd 2022 3 min read

love the earth On Earth Day, nearly 190 countries around the globe help to raise awareness about environmental protection and stress on the importance of ecological issues. Climate change exacerbates the environmental crisis and it has been the world’s biggest threat to face. The preservation of the planet depends on us, businesses and individuals should play their part to restore the earth.

Corporate environmental responsibility has been promoted for years by now. Through green living and eco-friendly practices, the effort helps save our planet and ourselves, keeping the planet habitable for our future generations.

Regarding some of the environmental issues affecting our planet, we have come up with 6 eco-friendly tips/gifts for corporations and individuals to cut down waste and create a greener working space.

Minimize paper use

Paper waste tops one of the biggest issues in business. Reducing the amount of paper used in the workplace can have a significant impact on the environment. There are some online alternatives to enable you to work without printing all the time, reducing paper wastage.

Many businesses adopt online file storage programs, digitizing files in a more secure and efficient way with no need of printed documentations. However, it’s improbable to reach a “paperless” world. When you need to use paper, you can ask your company to practice committing to printing on both sides or applying the post-consumer recycled printer paper. This fully recyclable paper will burden less to the environment.

100 percent recycled multipurpose paper

Go green with $14.49

Grow plants indoors and outdoors

Landscaping with plants has many benefits. Green plants help to relieve stress and create a more productive environment. In addition, plants in the office contribute to cleaner air quality by removing common toxic culprits found in the offices.

What’s more? Plants are effective in absorbing noises, making the workplace less distracting for the employees. Growing more plants creates a more peaceful and serene environment that leads to happier and healthier employees. An office teeming with vibrant greenery will also convey a positive brand image to visitors.

green plant

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Replace cleaning products with natural alternatives

Chemical substances in cleaning products pose a great threat to the environment. People should start replacing frequent use cleansing products with eco-friendly options. Organic products are safer for our health and better for the planet. Recognizing greenwashing products labeled with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifications that utilize as little waste as possible.

Although most containers for cleaning products are not reusable and the plastic waste often does not biodegrade. It should not discourage us to stop finding greener products. We can start with Simple Green products. They produce entirely eco-friendly materials and ingredients for you to conduct your everyday cleaning.

simple green all purpose cleaner

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Convert to green incentives

All the energy and resources that happened in physical offices are huge. Businesses can reduce operating costs and decrease drain on the environment by utilizing green energy, such as installing solar panels. By generating energy from nature, it helps to balance out the carbon footprint that is imposed on the environment.

This solar panel that we’ve chosen is less than conventional solar panels, making installation a breeze. The panel generates renewable energy and helps to suffice the need for office electricity.

flexible solar panel

Go green with $113.99

Replace single use items

Cutting back on single-use products, especially plastic products, is one of the most significant ways companies can go green. There is more or less production of wasteful plastic cutlery within employee meals or lunch boxes in a meeting. Most people deem carrying their utensils a burden and wouldn’t want the hassle.

Try these reusable bamboo utensils without the guilt of single-use plastics. High quality of Bamboo’s sustainable utensils are biodegradable in a home compost in about 4-6 months.

recyclable bamboo utensil set

Go green with $13.49

5 Eco-friendly tips/gifts for your co-workers to make this planet a greener place
Octavia Chen
Apr 22nd 2022 Origin

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