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6 Fool-Proof Ways to Strengthen Business Relationships For All Time
6 Fool-Proof Ways to Strengthen Business Relationships For All Time
Ways to get the key to business success.
6 Fool-Proof Ways to Strengthen Business Relationships For All Time
May 24th 2022 5 min read

Every company culture is different and yet no one denies the importance of building healthy, respectful, and loyal business relationships with your vendors, employees, customers, sales agent, business partners, etc. As an entrepreneur, effectively engaging with people that you work with is never an easy job, and yet it is the key to business success. As a startup ourselves, we found these 6 fool-proof ways to strengthen business relationships.

Be a good listener

People always emphasize the importance but not many understand it’s equally important to be able to comprehend otherwise it’s only a one-sided conversation which will cause a lot more miscommunication problems in long term. Telling people about your expectation is necessary but only expressing your point of view is not an effective way to communicate at all as it doesn’t help both parties to come up with a solution that works.

When you have any conversation with anyone in business, try asking them what do they think, put yourself into their shoes and understand their perception. Please keep in mind that the purpose of listening is to understand, not to respond quickly. You will save plenty of time to explain your not-so-well-thought speech later.

Give compliments when needed

Recognize a well-done job is a key to win people’s hearts. Not everyone shows it but all of us actually appreciate a pat on the shoulder at work from time to time. Verbal compliments or encouragement is often neglected when you work with someone for a long time but it is crucial when you want to gain their trust and motivate them continuously. It shows that you don’t take their daily hard work for granted and also encourages them to have more sense of belonging even when they do not officially belong to your team (e.g. the courier, agent, outsourcing accountant…etc.)

Many people would have hesitated about this as they are afraid that too many compliments will cause some people’s arrogance and affect their work morale. You can imagine compliments as spices, to use it sprinkly to heavily depends on how favourable it is (choice of words) and the dishes that you are making (the people).

For customers, it’s a great way to start a small talk especially in store but it also applies to interaction such as newsletters or a note attached with the orders, simply praises their exquisite taste for the purchase and thanks for their support will do the trick.

Don’t forget that positive vibe can pass on so when you say something nice to a person, the effect can spread larger and last longer than you thought. P.S. Hearing your approval from others also gives an extra assurance so it is also a good strategy to plant your “compliment” that way as well.

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

Have 1-to-1 Conversation

It’s old-fashioned but never goes out of style. When communication technology is so advanced these days, face to face conversions seems no longer necessary as it used to be. However, don’t be shy and think that it will bother them when you ask them for a check-up (even better, schedule 1 to 1 meeting or coffee time regularly). Make it a safe place to talk about anything at work such are they dealing well with the workload, which aspects do they need extra help, what can they do to make the workflow smoother, is there miscommunication that they wish to improve and so on, you will be surprised how honest and open people can be when they are having 1 to 1 conversations.

Comparing to team meetings, a 1 to 1 conversation provides more privacy which allows them to speak their minds more freely and the intimacy also creates a special bonding between you two. From these conversions, you will know how to work your people better and they will feel more valued since you make the effort to communicate with them alone. It is basically a win-win situation.

On the other hand, of course, you will have to be decent enough to not spreading the words unmindfully or even worse, use them against them in the future. It is a guarantee to ruin your reputation and no one will talk to you genuinely again.

Be Flexible

When we want to gent things done, we are so eager to make it work no matter what. Sometimes, we forget that inconvenient situations happen and we are humans. Maybe your employee’s child has an emergency at school, or your vendor is short of people so the delivery will be late or an interviewee has to cancel the interview because of the snowstorm…etc. Instead of showing your disappointment and annoyance immediately, show your sympathy and calmness is more appropriate because no matter how hard you try to make plans ahead, unpredictable things happen more often than you think so don’t waste your time to be frustrated, be flexible and make a Plan B as soon as possible, reschedule the interview date, postpone the restock, and allow your employee to have a day off and assign the unfinished tasks to others.

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Have a birthday calendar

When the company is growing larger and more people get involved, it can be quite challenging to keep up with everyone’s life but when it comes to birthdays, it’s worth-marking on the calendar so you don’t forget their special day. Remembering someone’s birthday is a sign that you appreciate and value them and who doesn’t like that? It stands you out as well since not many people pay attention to other’s personal details in a cold, hard business world.

Personalized Gift-Giving

What’s the point of remembering their birthdays but not treat them? No matter how much is the budget, sending a personalized gift (or a cake) never fails to surprise them and they will always appreciate your thoughtfulness. Besides birthdays, there are many occasions that are worth celebrating with a heartfelt gift such as the anniversary of their service to your company, their newborn baby, promotion, retirement, work milestone and the list can go on.

If you always have a feeling that you can use some help with picking a gift, something more personalized and straight to point instead of always sending flowers and chocolate, it’s time for you to consider using an AI-powered gifting platform.

Driven by the goal to simplify the corporate gifting process and increase the impact of the gifts, Giftpack’s AI-powered solution finds the perfect gift options from a catalog of over 2.5 million products around the world. By adopting an individual’s keywords, social media information, and digital footprint, Giftpack tailors each gift selection process for any employee, customer, client, or fan. Covering both business and consumer audiences, Giftpack operates globally to make personalized gifting accessible and achievable at scale. Try the FREE TRIAL to experience the power of AI gifitng yourself today.

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6 Fool-Proof Ways to Strengthen Business Relationships For All Time
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