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8 Thank You Ideas For Employees - Giftpack

8 thank you ideas for employees to feel appreciated and motivated for doing the good work!

Octavia Chen

Octavia Chen

May 24th 20226 min read


Employee appreciation is the most direct and prominent way to strengthen your business capacity. Your employees will be more engaged and committed if they feel valued for their hard work.

Thank you ideas for your employees can come in many ways. Companies with a complete and considerate appreciation plan for their employees turn out to be more successful. When companies make sure their employees feel appreciated, they motivate them, which leads to higher devotion towards their work.

Some companies might opt out of the part to appreciate the effort of their employees to save money. However, the thing they don’t know about is that once employees feel unappreciated, it derives a sense of disrespect for them. They will start to become less productive, and even develop the idea of resignation. This is definitely a risk for your business.

But coming up with employee appreciation ideas can be tough. When things get busy, most company HRs consider it easier to just let the appreciation burden fall by the wayside.

However, ignoring employee appreciation is a bad plan.

If your company is not struggling with budget and is determined to show appreciation to employees by gifting, Giftpack’s AI solution helps to sort out personalized gifts for you.

In addition to our gifting automation, you can also continue on with this article to check out some of the thank you ideas we provided. If you’re looking for ways to honor your employees, these 8 thank you ideas will definitely help you hit the mark!

Start kudo channels on Slack

Slack and other instant messaging software makes communication convenient for the workplace, especially businesses are increasing the remote working as part of the work culture due to the unstable pandemic situation.

Since everyone can see the messages in the public channels, warm shout outs to your employees and appreciating their efforts is the most powerful and instant way to show gratitude.

In Giftpack’s weekly meetings, we pinpoint our kudos to what has been done right and what can be improved. This way, not only the hard work has been seen, but everyone can know what’s going on in the company and generate more ideas for improvement.

To level up the kudo campaign, companies can attach tangible rewards to the #Kudos channel. Check out some of our awesome picks of gift cards on Giftpack.ai.

Send employees gift baskets

Gifting packages for employees is one of those effective ways for businesses to express caring to their employees, especially in the world of remote work nowadays.

The best part of sending out gift baskets is that companies can choose from different kinds of gift items that actually cater to the needs or preferences of their employees, which also shows more thoughtfulness from the employer’s side to their hard working fellow employees. Once the gifting baskets are appealing to recipients, they are more likely to feel appreciated. Boom! Your thank-you notion is well-delivered.

With the pandemic rampaging the world, companies can send out sanitizers and paper wipes as a reminder for their employees to take care of their health. Or, companies can consider equipping their staff with adaptable computer stands to promote their home working environment. Check out our highly recommended DotHeal Stand that takes care of your posture. All these thoughtful gifts show that you care about the wellness of your hardworking people.

It can be a struggle for companies to gift employees, not only time consuming but oftentimes meeting a dead end. Giftpack excels in AI solution gifting. From gift selecting to delivery, we handle everything at once. Take a closer look at how it work!

Surprise employees with birthday video

Traditional thank you notes for employees is boring. Go beyond the trend! Allocate all the birthday best wishes into a video for your team member’s birthday. Each one will have different wishes and words for the birthday girl/boy, which makes the birthday video genuine and special.

Moreover, these birthday videos can be published into a series of employee appreciation clips on Facebook pages or other social media platforms to build employer branding. This way it becomes a win-win situation helping to promote the harmonious company culture while enabling to build company image.

Create chances for employees to learn

Knowledge is not only power, but the wealth of a lifetime. Companies can consider investing in employees with the opportunities to further their education. Cooperate with different institutions and send your employees to the sectors that may benefit their professions. Reimburse your employees with learning tuitions or award them for gaining extra certifications relating to the workfield.

Encourage your employees to be willing to spend their leisure time on self-improvement, for that their knowledge and skills becomes the company’s future assets. Show you employees that it’s important to keep learning, not only to improve their skills but also builds their confidence. This will greatly increase their working efficiency and effectiveness.

Weekly treats for your employees

There is a reason why they say the way to get a man’s heart is through his stomach. A Taco Tuesday or a Pizza Friday sounds very motivating for a long and tiring working week. There are endless ideas for treating your employees with stomach fulfilling treats, and this is perhaps the fastest way to show appreciation to their hard work and communicate that you are truly grateful for their effort.

Besides treating desserts, providing a catered lunch to your employees at the workplace can also elevate employee morale. Employees deserve to be treated to lunch once in a while, since some of them tend to work through their lunch break and give up enjoying a full lunch without work disturbance.

Overall, weekly treats for your employees shows that you care about your employees and that you pay attention to their needs. It’s also brings employees together and strengthens connections among each other.

Set a flexible parental leave plan for your employees

It’s never an easy task to balance work and family. Develop a flexible parental leave plan for your employees to show that you also care about their personal lives in addition to their work lives. Employees with kids have to face many emergency situations, may it be calls from kids, school, or medical problems, or any other kinds of abrupt scenarios that are aligned with their children.

A complete parental leave plan for your employees helps them to focus more on their work since they do not have to worry about their kids disrupting their workflow. Employees can feel relieved that the company is considerate, and is thinking about their family which will once motivate them again.

Take your employees on a field trip

A release from the office is needed from time to time. Taking your employees on a tour is a useful way to bond with them. It could be a field trip such as a delightful picnic and afternoon tea in the park, or an extravagant retreat such as a weekend at the beachhouse or vacation in a luxurious villa on an island. It all depends on your company budget and how much you want to pamper your employees.

Companies can also take employees on partnering vendor’s facilities to cut down the travel cost. Moreover, they can invite families of the employees to give their partners more publicity.

Write your employees recommendations

Recommendations are a powerful element to an employee’s career. It not only specifies on the reasons why you appreciate them, but also shows a good interaction between manager and employees, which paints a more ideal company image.

Appreciate your employees and let them know where you stand and that the company values their effort. Appreciative recommendation helps your employees with their career and is beneficial for them when landing new jobs, which proves their abilities solid.

Start writing your employees recommendations on LinkedIns. Their hard work deserves praise!


Octavia Chen

Octavia Chen

May 24th 20226 min read

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