9 Signs that You Are an Expert of Corporate Gifting
9 Signs that You Are an Expert of Corporate Gifting
Are you a natural good gifter?
9 Signs that You Are an Expert of Corporate Gifting
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Gifting is a tricky matter. Finding the perfect gift takes more than just having the budget for it, you must put yourself into the person’s shoes to let them know how much we appreciate them. When it comes to corporate gifting, things got even trickier. You have not one, but many, receivers at the same time, some of whom you probably haven’t interacted much with. Nevertheless, if you are still able to make an impression with your choice of gifts under such conditions, you must relate to the following situations as you are an expert of corporate gifting yourself.

  1. You plan ahead.
  2. You don't need a reason/ an occasion.
  3. You are thoughtful.
  4. You are detailed-oriented.
  5. You have a good taste.
  6. You are good at doing research.
  7. You are practical.
  8. You are also creative.
  9. You know how to personalize gifts.

You plan ahead.

Choosing a suitable gift takes time and thoughts, that’s why it’s smart to avoid rushing into decisions by planning ahead of time. Start brainstorming on gifting ideas early on, and let your thoughts sink in before making a final decision. Plus, many shops and vendors require order placements days in advance for delivery or preparation so it is not smart to get someone’s gift in the last minute.

You don’t need a reason/ an occasion.

Contrary to the common practice to gift on occasions (birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, company anniversaries..etc), gifting “just because” is a great way to surprise someone and express your gratitude even more than those on occasions. This sends out a message to the receiver that “I keep you in mind whenever,” and there’s nothing more heartwarming than being remembered, even when there are no special holidays around.

You are thoughtful.

Being thoughtful is also a key factor of a heartwarming gift. It could be the simplest thing: you hear someone mentioning a broken mug and send one as a gift to him the next day — a timely gift. A mug might not sound much, but it’s just what’s needed, right on spot. Best gifts don’t always cost much, price isn’t always the equivalent of sincerity.

You are detail-oriented.

Details such as presentation matter more than you think. Packaging might sound like a minor thing compared to the gift itself, but don’t underestimate the power of first impressions; adding a tag or a card along with the package addresses the receiver directly and sends out a message of respect and importance.

You have a good taste.

Quality is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a gift. You wouldn’t want something that looks grand and flashy at first sight but actually doesn’t last long. A brand’s popularity can be one of the indicators of a quality product, but that’s not always the case. There are many less known brands that offer great products that need someone who knows how to find and appreciate them.

Besides, keeping up with the latest trend and introducing the recipients a niche and guaranteed to leave them an impression.

You are good at doing research.

As mentioned above, research ability is a must when trying to find the ideal gift. You want something that would make the receiver feel special, so cliche gifts might appear to be tacky even if the price tag says the opposite. This is when good research abilities come in handy. You will be able to find something with just the right price and a high cost-performance ratio — not only do you gift good but you also gift smart.

You are practical.

How do you know you gave a great gift? When you see the gift is often being used (and not just when you’re around). A practical gift matches the person’s needs, even better, it helps them discover something that they don’t even know they needed. When you find your gifts often in use, you know you’re an experienced gifter.

You are also creative.

Being creative with gifts is tricky. You don’t want to get a fake “ wow” from the receiver because they either a) have no idea what the gift is, or b) have no idea how to deal with it. The best way to get creative is to find something that the receiver might be interested in, and give it a twist. Take the previous broken mug scenario as an example, you may consider giving them a mug that says “My job is slowly crushing my soul” that might just put on a good laugh between them and others.

You know how to personalize gifts.

Adding personal touches to a gift allows you to express your gratitude in the most sincere way. It could be the small details: their name initials on the gifts, gift wraps that match their personalities, or simply just a handwritten card sends a personal message of appreciation loud and clear.

If you find yourself relating to this article in many different ways, then it is confirmed, you are a certified corporate gifting expert.

Despite your good taste and gifting skills, if you are the person who is responsible for corporate gifts, it could be very overwhelming when there are more than a few gifts that you need to arrange and sometimes you wish you could use some help. Then look no further, Giftpack's AI-powered gifting service does it all for you — personalized the gift options, collecting their mailing addresses, gift wrapping, arranging delivery to their doorsteps…etc.

Gifting should be considered a form of art and you have to put efforts and hearts into it but with Giftpack, you’ll get the most rewarding part of gift-giving— genuine smiles on the recipients’ face, without much effort.

article written by Chia Hou, a Business Developer at Giftpack.

9 Signs that You Are an Expert of Corporate Gifting
Giftpack Inc.

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