A Guide for Employee Gifting during Chinese New Year
A Guide for Employee Gifting during Chinese New Year
All you need to know about the culture of corporate gifting during CNY
A Guide for Employee Gifting during Chinese New Year
David Chen
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Despite covid, the spread of Chinese culture has been going on for years all over the world. There are China Towns and Taiwan Communities in just almost every country you can name. Naturally, Chinese New Year has become one of the most important holidays we celebrate not only in Asian countries but everywhere in the world. If your company is based in an South East Asia, or you have employees with a Chinese background, it is best to know the ins and outs of doing gifting in this meaningful timing.

Gifting Culture in Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the time of the year for Asian family reunion. Family members who are working in other cities or countries most of the time take a flight back to their hometowns to celebrate this holiday altogether. Family members would normally chat about everything: life, school, work, relationships, just to name a few. It’s the time when everyone in the family talks about how the past year has gone, and what are the milestones they’ve achieved.

The elder people giving younger generation red envelopes is the most well-known practice in Chinese culture. While this kind of act happens only between family members and a small portion of companies where boss would give cash gifts to their employees, what most of the corporates would do is practice gifting to everyone relating to the company. The target may be most commonly employees, employers and, shareholders. Therefore, during Chinese New Year, companies based in Asia, or foreign corporates with Asian employees should always show appreciation by gifting. Gifting allows us to enhance the relationships between others and ourselves.

Best Practices for Gifting during Chinese New Year

What’s tricky about gifting is that it actually requires a lot of thoughts going behind the process of Chinese New Year gifting. Thinking about it from a stockholder’s standpoint, if all the companies you share stock with are doing gifting, would the one that picks personalized gift or the one that randomly picks a souvenir as a gift win your heart? If you’re gradually coming to a conclusion that even sending a large amount of gifts it’s still crucial to personalize each gift as much as you can, then you’re on the right track of succeeding in employee gifting.

As a lot of people might know, Chinese culture entails much traditions and customs. This makes gifting more difficult especially during Chinese New Year. While we don’t want to restrict on what exact gifts you should be sending, here are some general practices you should follow for a successful gifting campaign. To start with, since the colors red and gold are symbols of richness, using red or gold packaging for gifts is a good idea. A second rule sounds quite conflicting with what we said about personalization, but it’s actually a common practice for companies to gift food gift baskets during CNY. Ranging from fruit baskets, cakes and cookies, to wine baskets are all very suitable choices. If you need more ideas, there’s one world famous food corporates doing this for generations. Go check out Jiu Zhen Nan Taiwan Pastry for more details! Just don’t forget to include a small personalized message in the gifting set to let your employees know you care every one of them. Lastly, you would also want to make sure the gifts arrive as early as possible so your employees and stockholders can share the joy with their families. Creating a handful word-of-mouth by employee gifting, that’s how successful gifting works!

Attention! Taboos!

In contrast to “dos” when gifting employees during Chinese New Year, there are also taboos that you certainly want to know about and prevent unnecessary awkwardness. Items you want to avoid gifting are “clocks”, “umbrellas”, “candles”, and “pairs of shoes”. Note that these are just four but not all the things you should not gift. Mostly because of the homophonic meanings of these words (e.g. “sending clocks” sounds like “wishing you rest in peace” in Chinese), you will never want to choose these items as gifts in any occasion. To see a more thorough do’s and don’ts in gifting during Chinese New Year, feel free to check out this article.

We’re Here to Help

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A Guide for Employee Gifting during Chinese New Year
David Chen

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