Creating and Connecting the Dots As a Giftern
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Creating and Connecting the Dots As a Giftern

Giftpack’s internship - Iris Park on what it is like being a giftern on the operation team at Giftpack.

Iris Park

Iris Park

Jun 8th 20234 min read

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I can still recall when I was preparing for my interview with Giftpack, I looked up every single blog post I could about Giftpack. I’m sure you’ll be looking at this if you’re preparing for one too.

I'm Iris, a former operation intern at Giftpack. now a full-time member. I’d like to share how I got to know Giftpack, how my interview went, and how my giftern journey was.

How I got to know Giftpack?

I first saw Giftpack on Linkareer, a Korean website which has recruitment posts for mostly internships, volunteering, and extracurricular activities. I was attracted to Giftpack because it was a U.S-based startup, an AI company, and it allowed 100% WFH.

I had always been hoping for the opportunity to work for a foreign company, especially one that is on a wave of the 4th industrial revolution. And I wanted to work remotely. It was a perfect match!

I haven’t considered startups before, but the product sounded fun. When it comes to gifting, I could never get exactly what my parents wanted for their birthdays, and this is doing the exact job for me! It's something I really need! So, I applied for the giftern as fast as possible, and I got into the interview process!

How did my interview go with Giftpack?

The interview process was very unique. The first phase was a short chat with Archer, our CEO. The second required me to prepare tasks and deliver a presentation in front of a few employees. The last was having another casual chat with some more team members.

I prepared lots of questions, especially of my past achievements, and my capabilities and skill sets and what I'm looking forward to learning here. It was fun chatting with Archer, and I answered with all honesty and provided as many details as I can.

For the 2nd interview, I had about 3 days to prepare a presentation on a topic I was given.

On the day of the interview, I was given about an hour to analyze data and give conclusions. For the presentation, I didn’t really ace it, but I did try to make it specific and straight-forward. And for data analysis, I took courses before, and I tried to scribble down something, but I knew I would never be able to make some good results in time. Instead, I wrote what I would have done if I had someone who could do the job for me. And I passed this interview too!

The last step was originally having a chat with some of the employees or even other candidates. But in my case, I went straight down to learning the system and how everything works out. I did have a separate onboarding process after I officially became a giftern, but this chat was fun and helpful too. I got to learn how WFH works, and what kind of dutiwa I would be having in the future. After this last process, I officially became a giftern.

How was my giftern journey?

It was cool, considering the fact that you can’t usually take these kinds of roles in traditional large companies. Going straight into practical jobs helped me catch up fast.

The best thing I like about Giftpack is the flexibility. I could improve my skills and catch up with my jobs anywhere anytime.

I currently don’t live in Seoul where our office is, so I don't go to the office regularly. But I did go to the office when I had business trips, and our office is awesome.

If the weather is nice, I go to a café. If it’s raining, I work at home. Also, though I wasn't able to due to Covid, I wouldn't be restricted to work in other regions or countries. For example, I got to work in the States at the CES 2022 and stayed in San Francisco shortly afterwards.

If I wasn’t in a good condition, I would take some rest in the morning and finish my jobs during the evening. And still, I had my own routine thanks to daily and weekly meetings.

When I worked at a public institution before coming to Giftpack, I couldn’t ever think of going swimming in the morning, since as much as I love swimming, I love to have a morning nap too.

But being a giftern, I was able to work, go swimming, and come back to work. During the giftern period, I had great balance between work and life, swimming, working out, doing yoga, and meeting friends and family.

For the jobs, I wasn’t an expert in operation stuff. But that’s why I became a giftern. Archer never blamed me for not knowing something, and after I tried to figure it out by myself, I knew I could always ask him whenever I felt the need and he was always supportive.

I had studied more in the marketing field back in university, and I think that also came in handy. What I learned was that any experience would help in operation jobs. The key is to create dots and then connect them.

Now my giftern journey has ended and I will be continuing my journey with Giftpack as a full-time employee. There is still much to learn, but at the same time, I’m making huge progress.

I want to thank Archer for trusting me and giving me a handful of opportunities to grow and improve here. I had so many refreshing experiences and have never regretted coming here. If you are thinking of applying for the giftern position, I strongly recommend you do so, as this isn’t an everyday opportunity you can get. Hope you will be able to connect your dots here like I do, too 😊!

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Iris Park

Iris Park

Jun 8th 20234 min read

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