5 Employee Recognition Platforms for Employee Appreciation Day 2023
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5 Employee Recognition Platforms for Employee Appreciation Day 2023

Employee recognition platforms are one of the most effective ways to positively impact your talent and help them thrive. Check out these 5 platforms and see what you can do for your employees!



Oct 19th 20236 min read

Employee Appreciation Day will take place on March 4 this year. Are you having difficulties coming up with ways to celebrate employees’ achievements in the past year? We’re here to help! We have selected the top 5 platforms for you to ensure a rewarding holiday celebration.

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Common features for employee success platforms include providing an incentive program, sending company perks, and having the capability for data visualization. Before going into the ins and outs of these 5 platforms, we should think about the nature of employee appreciation events first. When comparing different solutions and programs, there are certain factors you want to put into consideration:

  • People
  • Purpose
  • Plan
  • Pricing


Are employers appreciating employees or peers appreciating each other?

Employee recognition programs have been implemented for years for most of the corporates. In 2019, WorldatWork reported 88% of the businesses were already providing company wide program, and 58% department-focused. While traditional scope-based programs are still going on, new trends focusing on the people, namely the givers and receivers are springing up since last year. 3 out of 4 companies are running programs where employers show appreciation to their employees. Few companies decide to run peer-to-peer appreciation programs instead. It’s up for you to decide which one fits better to your workplace and people will feel more comfortable executing.


Are you appreciating major milestones of the company or daily achievements?

When planning your company’s incentive program, it’s fundamental for us to know why to do this in the first place. Are you celebrating milestones you achieved last year? Is it that ROI for employee performance is dropping and you want to search for a solution? Or do you have an ambitious goal for creating a collaborative and healthy environment at any cost? The more clarity you have with your purpose for employee appreciation plan, the easier you’ll be able to find the platform that meets your needs.


Do you plan to hold a formal event or an informal message to show appreciation?

Are you working at a startup, mid-sized company, or a giant corporate? The nature of your business and culture you have will affect how exactly you plan out recognition programs. Sometimes huge ceremonies will help you to maximize the effect, sometimes a casual pm on Slack might do the work as well. You can do it one-time on the employee appreciation day, or a quarterly incentive program. Based on how many resources you have and what your goals are, a perfect plan will look different from one to another.


How much do you plan to spend on employee appreciation programs?

Lastly, we still have to be down to earth and see how much budget you have for running an employee appreciation campaign. These recognition plans are often time budgeted with an average of 0.3% or less of the payroll budget. You want to utilize the money as well as possible so the positive chemistry can happen as you wish. For many companies, that means giving gift cards, cash, or gifts in general directly to employees.

5 Employee Recognition Platforms

Having ideas of what to consider when planning an employee appreciation program, it’s time for us to go through comparisons between online platforms that we believe will help you along the way. These services include comprehensive employee incentive program planning, campaign-based gifting solution, and one-time gift cards purchase. 5 companies are listed as below:

  • 1. Giftpack AI
  • 2. HALO Recognition
  • 3. Mo
  • 4. Motivosity
  • 5. WeGift

Giftpack AI

Giftpack AI is an AI-powered gifting platform that provides high quality gift tailored to each gift receiver at scale. The company simplifies the gifting process by utilizing AI technology to efficiently analyze each recipient’s digital footprint to select the most appropriate gift. Giftpack operates globally so recipients can claim their gift or donate to a charity of their choice worldwide. The company takes care of generating, ordering, and shipping gifts worldwide to help strengthen business relationships for anyone anywhere.

Audience: Culture, Rewards, HR managers

Pricing: flexible on all gifts to send and no deposit required

Standout Features:

  • clear ROI with data visualization for employee performance evaluation
  • all-in-one data dashboard for gift tracking from beginning to the end
  • 3.2 million product pool operated with AI-powered technology for best quality gift tailored to each receiver

HALO Recognition

HALO Recognition is a global full-service provider of recognition, reward, and incentive programs covering milestones and touchpoints in the employee experience. Their cloud-based recognition platforms scale to any workforce and give HR the control over engagement strategy. HALO Recognition offers comprehensive services such as strategic design, personal account teams, and program marketing support to be the single source for all your employee appreciation efforts.

Audience: employers & managers

Pricing: available upon request

Standout Features:


Mo is an app for you to share experiences worth celebrating at work. These include the highs and lows, the victories and the learnings. Meaningful moments have the power to connect people, improve engagement and create a culture that improves performance. Their company enables individuals, teams and organizations to capture, celebrate and elevate moments at work by becoming the destination for people to share and engage in what is meaningful to them.

Audience: employers & managers, peers-to-peers

Pricing: available upon request

Standout Features:

  • simple UI/UX, easy for onboarding
  • in-app “cultural currency” for employee rewards
  • partnered with companies providing gift cards


Motivosity is the modern employee engagement platform for the modern workforce. Companies unlock their greatest potential when they connect, recognize, lead, and listen. Their four products, coincidentally named Connect, Recognize, Lead, and Listen work seamlessly together to bring this goodness to your great company.

Audience: employers & managers, peers-to-peers

Pricing: from $1 ~ $6.5+ person/month based on plans

Standout Features:

  • dynamic pricing with different programs of your own choice
  • integrations with Slack, MS Teams, Workday, BambooHR, Ultipro, ADFS, Ping, Okta, SAML2.0, Google, Outlook and API access
  • purpose-specific programs with specific features (connect, recognize, lead, and listen)


WeGift is a UK startup that revolutionizes pay-out services. Their cloud-based, open API solutions allow businesses to transfer instant value to consumers anywhere. For enterprises selling to consumers they increase acquisition, retention and activation by delivering instant happiness in the form of eGift Cards. Operating in 30 countries, 22 languages, 20 currencies and with over 700 partner brands, WeGift is backed by leading corporates and investors.

Audience: employers & managers

Pricing: available upon request

Standout Features:

  • send digital gift cards in bulk for employee appreciation
  • possibilities for connectivity with API
  • the largest catalog of digital gift cards

As you can tell by now, the platforms above can have very different approaches for appreciating employees. To make sure the services can complete the mission you have, it’s best for you to get in contact with the services you’re interested in and book a demo with them. We couldn’t emphasize enough how eager you should be to plan out a perfect employee recognition program.

Never forget employees are your greatest asset.

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Oct 19th 20236 min read

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