Giftpack Digital Marketing Giftern — The Out-of-World Internship Journey I’ve Had
Giftpack Digital Marketing Giftern — The Out-of-World Internship Journey I’ve Had
— the sharing of what I’ve learned through the half-year internship program at Giftpack
Giftpack Digital Marketing Giftern — The Out-of-World Internship Journey I’ve Had
David Chen
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6 Months… Time Flies!

It’s almost the end of my journey as a Digital Marketing Giftern at Giftpack. There has been impacts and changes in my life within this half year. I’m more than happy to share that our CEO Archer decided to sign another contract with me, which means I’ll be staying at Giftpack in 2021! Meanwhile, another round of Giftern recruiting process has started. If you’ve ever read my articles and know this company pretty well, you’re very welcome to apply for a position here. If this is your first time getting to know me, keep on reading to see what I’ve experienced working at Giftpack!

Who Is Giftpack?

Giftpack Inc. is a Silicon-Valley-based transnational startup providing “gifting service”. On the B2C side, provides a gifting service that makes every city just 3 hours away regardless of where you are in the world; on the B2B end, is an AI-powered business gifting platform that provides real personalization at scale. We make the concierge corporate gifting service just one-click away.

Why Am I Working at Giftpack?

After applying for an intern position in 2020 Spring, I was accepted as a digital marketing Giftern here. If you’re interested in the interview process, please go check out “Giftpack Digital Marketing Internship 2020 Summer — Giftern Interview Journey”.

It’s almost half a year working at Giftpack. I’ve got inspired a lot on both marketing fields and daily life aspects, including basic marketing knowledge, marketing tools, different strategies, learning methods, etc. I tried my best to categorize these inspirations into 3 major points. While I’m pretty sure there is still much to be covered, I’ll add to either this article or the future ones if I find it necessary. Entering this company is like exploring a whole new world, these are the inspirations I get:

  • Being humble — the breadth and depth of knowledge

  • Running business is about helping, not killing

  • No one waits for you — the reality and cruelty of the world

Being humble — the breadth and depth of knowledge

The moment I started to work at Giftpack, perplexion was what hit me at the first place. Since the first day onboarding, there had been tons of tools to learn, articles to read, and training videos for me to edit. The workload did not decrease despite the fact that this is a remote working job. As a digital marketer, Archer also suggested me take courses on HubSpot Content Marketing and Google Analytics Academy. It took me so much time but finally a few credentials, which will be big bonus for my resume as well (click here to connect with me on LinkedIn!). In spite of the length of these courses, it took still much extra time to consume them and apply in real world situations. It’s not easy at all!

At Giftpack, an activity called Donut Pairing was born because of the remote working culture. What this does is basically randomly pairing two colleagues in the company and you’ll have time to schedule a call. You guys can play online games together, eat together, or just chatting. I didn’t use the service very frequently, but every time I chat with other people, I always feel motivated to work harder. I suppose it’s because everyone has huge passion for what they’re doing at Giftpack, plus we all have diverse growing background or coming from different countries, the inner side of me has been expanded for new ideas.

If you have knowledge about marketing to some extent, you’ll know although digital marketing and traditional marketing share same concepts, the ways of application are hugely different. Being a digital marketer at this point is like being a slasher. To be an eligible marketer, it’d better to know basic coding, design, sales strategies, advanced writing skills, video production (and animation), analytical skills, just to name a few. There are too many responsibilities to be a digital marketer that I’ve decided to write another article to share.

I truly believe it’s the exchange of ideas between my colleagues and me, plus my understanding of digital marketing after working for a few month, that make me see skills and knowledge I’m still lacking. Consequently, I’m pushing myself to read a little bit, take 30 mins of online courses, and read blogs at a daily basis. I know everything I learn now will result in a better future. This kind of intrinsic motivation is the biggest and most durable power for me to excel at different things.

Running business is about helping, not killing

Ranging from the relationships between corporates and our company, press release service and us, to interactions between team members at Giftpack, it’s merely possible to be exposed to any kind of toxic relationships. I’m not sure if it’s just my stereotype. Before actually having a job, I’m afraid of working environments. People talk about the dark side of it, being burden by managers, being tricked by colleagues, never get to do the things you wish to do, never being able to find your own stage. While the existence of a company is to solve a problem, meaning that every company actually shares the same version, and everyone who’s working should, too — trying to solve problems in this world. It might be that the working culture at Giftpack has been influenced by the startup culture at the Silicon Valley. Archer told me once that when he was studying for his master at Stanford, he found out that all his classmates had already learned everything to be covered in the courses. They were there to make friends. That’s why the Bay Area is such a nice place to start a business — helping each other is the fundamental of relationships because everyone is here to build a successful business. Having relationships in this way, it’s impacting ourselves in different aspects of our lives in a beneficial way.

The best way to illustrate this point is from what I’ve experienced here at Giftpack. There aren’t too many companies doing business about AI-powered corporate gifting. We have a habit of taking a look at what our competitors are doing, and sometimes we mimic them. There are also times where other traditional gifting companies would try to mimic us, and even huge corporates trying to buy us. Many of these doings may be seen as “copying” or “monopolization”, while we’re actually more than happy to see all this happen. Cause this means that we’re on the right track, doing so well that we’ve become a pioneer in this industry, and others have to follow up so they don’t fall behind.

This not only reminds me that the business world is not as notorious as how people have depicted, but lets me reflect the way I build all kinds of relationships in daily life. I’ve been a practitioner of both altruism and egoism. While a lot of times I tend to forget that I should have thought of other’s needs first and then mine. This may convey some sense of ingenuity without me being conscious about it, which result in loss of a few friendships. What I want to say is that this job has had impact on both my career and daily life.

No one waits for you — the reality and cruelty of the world

Perhaps it’s the remote working culture Giftpack has since its foundation, Archer kept reminding us at the beginning that “This is a job.” After competing with thousands of applicants, you don’t want to get fired because of not doing enough work. There are times where we don’t get as many orders as we expected, where members are too busy with lives that lead to lower productivity, where our employee morale is low. When that happens, Archer always encourages us with this: “You can get replaced by others at anytime.” This can’t be more true. People who go to Stanford (and Harvard I suppose) already learned all the stuff for that class beforehand. They spend time learning knowledge of other fields. They go to campus to chat with other excellent people, talk about creative ideas, and try to solve the problems together. As far as I know, there are also a bunch of people worrying about if they should go to class tomorrow because they just don’t want to, about where to go shopping, about what to have for lunch, about whether or not to have a cup of boba tea…… It’s not that you can’t have these thoughts. What matters is how frequently do you think about these not-so-important stuff. When all you brain capacity is filled with these entertaining ideas, do you really have other space to think about your endeavors and direction for your own future?

If I don’t learn time management well, there’ll be people mastering this to replace me; if I don’t learn something about analytics, there are groups of people who are proud to call themselves analytics nerds. So why my company has to keep me here? What value can I provide? Keeping reminding myself and reflecting what I’m doing at the moment, enable me to form a habit of absorbing all kinds of knowledge like a sponge at any given time of the day. Since I’m aware of the explosion of knowledge, I realized that in order to advance myself in the field of marketing, there are so much for me to learn. This transformation in mind has allowed me to do changes to practice in life as well: organizing my life with Notion, categorizing all my to-dos into different projects, making my own WordPress blog by self-learning, coming up with content strategies for my self-media, running social media, operating SEO optimization, and so on……

Having Ideas in Mind, What about Actions?

People have ideas in mind. You have an idea that will sell the whole world when lying on bed at 3 AM in the morning. You thought about adopting healthy habits when taking a shower. You set goals at the end of the year. I had all these experiences. I’m happy for myself and for all the people who have these experiences. This tells us that we still have hope towards life.

While if you ask your friends or colleagues around you, who don’t have a grand plan waiting for execution, wonderful goals waiting for practice? How many of them are actually doing it? Only those who actually started would know that having ideas and actually practicing them are two totally different stories. Only those who started would realize how many difficulties are there to be overcome, how much resources they are still lack of, and that how much time it takes to complete one single goal. For those who want to reorganize their lives, do you know who unorganized your life is right now? Do you know how to get started? Do you know what are the tools out there to help you? I didn’t know these answers, either. It’s only when I began that I realized it would take you weeks or even months to organize my life instead of a single weekend, and it requires me to keep contributing so it stay the way I like.

Everyone has ideas, the difference is only between execution. It’s no shame to fail, but you’ll regret not executing.

My life has changed in a good way after encountering Giftpack. At the end of this term of internship, some of my teammates are stepping onto a new journey, meaning that we will be welcoming excellent people to join us! Feel free to take a look at all the openings we have for this term. And most importantly, take actions!

Giftpack Team in Taiwan


In the end of this article, I want to thank our CEO Archer, former marketing Giftern Jerry, and my manager Keira for believing me in the interview process and gave me the chance to work with them. I also want to thank my best teammate ever, Victoria, for managing a lot of stuff at one time. Finally, thank-you to all the team members working at Giftpack to make our visions become reality. Remote working culture makes working at Giftpack a whole new working experience. In the new year 2021, I’m more than excited to see new members joining us, and simulating cool ideas together!

Giftpack Digital Marketing Giftern — The Out-of-World Internship Journey I’ve Had
David Chen

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