Giftpack Holiday Gift Guide –10 Best Gifts For Fire Signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo)
Giftpack Holiday Gift Guide –10 Best Gifts For Fire Signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo)
Gifts that match their fierce personality.
Giftpack Holiday Gift Guide –10 Best Gifts For Fire Signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo)
Giftpack Inc.
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It’s less than two weeks until Christmas! This week, we will continue to explore gift options based on your loved ones’ zodiac signs (see air signs’ gift guide here).

Fire Signs

They are fierce, they are expressive, their actions speak louder than words, they are the spotlight in every room…Fire signs do not need to seek attention but attention naturally seeks them and so as their taste in gifts. When it comes to gifting, make sure to make them feel spoiled and do not shy away from exaggerated packaging. It’s no secret that they enjoy nice things so luxurious brands are preferred.

Fur — Bath Drops $34

Nothing speaks more indulgence than a hot bath after a long day. These bath drops are infused with Fur Oil (not from animals but a signature blend of the brand) and a blend of softening Clary Sage, Jojoba and Grapeseed Oils. It deeply nourishes your skin and a subtle and pleasant scent is a cherry on top. It’s also free of gluten, phthalates, parabens, silicones and artificial colors and fragrance as the fire signs want nothing but the best. Get it here.

FORNASETTI — Losanghe Scented Candle, 300g $230

This is guaranteed to leave them an impression. The Italian atelier’s design is inspired by Opera Singer Lina Cavalieri and each candle is handcrafted which means each item is one-of-a-kind. Truly special for our fir- sign friends. Even if they are not candle lovers, it is easy to look at as a home decor/art piece. Get it here.

HOURGLASS — Ambient Lighting Edit Mini — Sculpture Unlocked $58

Fire signs are definitely social queens and kings and this face palette will help them to achieve the “goddess glow” in every party. The vegan face color quad includes an all-over powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter. They will love how compact it is so that touching up on the go is breezy. Get it here.

Slip — Queen/Standard Pure Silk Pillowcase $89

Have we mentioned “spoiled” enough? Silk Pillowcase is not a necessity until you have tried and the fire signs will agree as it keeps the moisture from their skin and is gentle on their hair too so say goodbye to bad hair days. Needless to say, it feels so comfy to sleep on. Get it here.

ANNA New York — Lumino Agate 4-Piece Coaster Set $175

No ordinary coasters for fire signs. These gorgeous agate coasters are gold plated on the rims, just to add some extra glam. The exquisite design will stun their guests even when they are just serving tap water. Get it here.


Whisky or water glasses? Honestly speaking, they don’t care as long as they look nice on the table. The ombre charcoal color will make any drink more desirable too. Get it here.

Bala Bangles Jet Black 2Lb $65

Fire signs cannot sit still and whether if they are hustling, exercising or doing chores, these chic ankle and wrist bangles will help them to burn more calories and build muscles. The high-quality silicone material and Velcro closure ensure that it’s comfortable to wear for a long time. No wonder they are seen in every fitness boutiques these days. Get it here.

ACNE STUDIOS — Toronty Logo Scarf $240

This oversized scarf is no doubt a brilliant addition to their wardrobe. Not only the black and grey colours are versatile enough to pair with any outfit, but the logo design is also the perfect balance of noticeable and understated too. The soft, warm wool-blend yarn is a real luxury during harsh winter days as well. Get it here.

Byredo — Suede Rinse-Free Hand Wash, 30ml $35

Upgrade their regular hand sanitizers with this divine smelling and rinse-free handwash. The non-greasy yet moisturizing formula is perfect for a quick hygiene routine wherever they go. For the fragrance “Suede”, it has floral notes of Bergamot, Lily of the Valley and Violet, and a warm base of Amber, Soft Musks and Velvet Plum. Get it here.

Smythson — Panama Zip Currency Case $335

Fire signs are known for their love for adventures so it is no surprise that they are frequent travelers. This currency case is a fashionable accessory at airports but also a handful tool to organize the foreign currency, passport, flight tickets and so on. Don’t forget to get their initials embossed too before you place the order. Get it here.

It’s a difficult time for everyone to gather this year since so many families, friends and couples are separated because of the travel ban or social distance policies but it’s no excuse to make your loved ones feel neglected. Giftpack provides cross-border personalized gifting service which makes each gift a heartfelt memory. And if you need to send corporate gifts at scale, Giftpack AI is here for you to sort out gift selections, delivery, tracking…basically all sorts of stuff.

Giftpack Holiday Gift Guide –10 Best Gifts For Fire Signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo)
Giftpack Inc.

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