How Minimalism Changed The Way We Do Gifting
How Minimalism Changed The Way We Do Gifting
It is equally challenging and rewarding to pick a gift in minimalist style
How Minimalism Changed The Way We Do Gifting
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While we spend more time at home this year, have you found the joy of decluttering? At first, it was just a project out of boredom but a sense satisfaction followed as the view of a free-of-junk living space can make you feel so accomplished and you can’t help wonder maybe you can enjoy a minimalist lifestyle — one does not need so many belongings to be happy after all.

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After some research and book reading, the idea of living as a minimalist is getting more appealing especially the world we live in is too materialistic and you are curious how owning less will make you a happier and more focused person but there is one problem: So many of us start practising minimalism and are obsessed with getting rid of stuff at the beginning and neglect the consequences of impulse purchases.

Mindful shopping is the only way to go if you want a sustainable minimalist lifestyle to make sure everything that you own “sparks joy” and is used frequently. If you happen to be a minimalist or some of your friends and family members are, these tips will be helpful for you in the upcoming holiday season.

(Actually, even a non-minimalist can notes from this as well)

Say No to Excessive Packaging

Yes, we did mention the importance of gift packaging earlier but when it comes to minimalist gifting, we make consistent. Firstly, say no to excessive packaging. Many boutiques and department stores provide “gift packaging” if you request for it. It is basically a more exaggerating version of their regular packaging.

It can be quite tempting to do so for a gift but think about how much waste it’s going to produce and the recycling job afterwards. If the gift is not from a store, you can also consider using reusable material such as a tasteful scarf, a tea towel, a reusable gift bag, or whatever you have in hands (fabric gift wrapping tutorial here). You can make it presentable without being wasteful if you use your creativity.

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Be Observant

Being a good gifter means being thoughtful and observant. You know it is true because your favourite gifts that you have received often not the most expensive but the most well-considered. It can be the equipment or accessories that relate to your hobbies/ passion, the things that you really needed at the moment, or something that you wanted for ages but never bought it for yourself. Minimalists don’t need many things in life so it could be challenging to get something that they will appreciate but do not take up space. Try to pay more attention at items that they use on daily basis, how about a coffee dripper that they would love to use every morning, or replacing the nearly-worn-out yoga pants that they wear to all their boxing classes?

Include Gift Receipt

One of the mindful shopping protocols is that do not get anything you don’t love 100%. Yes, if the product features don’t completely meet your needs or preference, or even if the color is not right, don’t get it. You want something that you absolutely love and keep using it until it doesn’t work. The same rule applies to gifting especially the minimalists put more consideration when they decide to keep the gift or not. Ask for a gift receipt whenever you so that it allows them to exchange for another item at the store if they don’t feel that they really need the gift that you chose for them. It definitely sparks more joy when they get exactly what they want so don’t feel bad when they do the exchange.

Buy Experiences, Not Things

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean they stop having fun and enjoy life. They simply stop being obsessed with possession. Instead, they invest their money into more meaningful things such as education, travel, workshops, exercise, pension…etc. Those things do not stack up in their homes nor produce waste and yet they add more value to their lives so instead of buying things for them, how about planning a picnic, camping weekend, a trip to their favourite theme park, a spa treatment, or a subscription for their favourite online media. They will definitely appreciate your creativity for this one.

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Sometimes, They Don’t Ask For Much

Sometimes, we think too much. All we want are not impressive gifts, it’s the feeling of being remembered and cherished so you can write them a card, buy them a meal, bake them a cake (even when it’s not perfect) or even a phone call, it’s the effort that counts. We often worry too much about getting a perfect gift that we ended up not doing anything at all and finding the excuse of not having money or time for that which is not true. A small gesture means a lot more than we think so stop stressing out and be a decent person who always does something on occasion for your loved ones.

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How Minimalism Changed The Way We Do Gifting
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