10 AI-selected Team Member Gifts That Will Help You Build Strong Relationships
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10 AI-selected Team Member Gifts That Will Help You Build Strong Relationships

A team is like a family. Treat your team members better with gifting. Take a look at 10 team member gifts selected by Giftpack’s AI technology that are great for different scenarios!

Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

Jul 26th 20226 min read

happy team members will be more productive

A team is like a family. Treating your team members nicely will help you build strong relationships, maintain efficiency, and raise engagement. All these will help a company in terms of growth.

However, Speaking of treating your employees or team members nicely, what can you do?

You can try some team bonding activities. Another way that companies, team leads, and managers are doing quite a lot is gifting, especially during Covid19!

Why is gifting good at bringing team members closer? Take a look at the reasons below:

  • It builds relationships
  • It shows care and devotion
  • It reinforces symbolic communication

Now let’s take a look at 10 team member gifts selected by Giftpack’s AI technology that are great for different scenarios!

Top 10 AI-selected Gift for Team Members

gifting with ai technology

Over the past 5 years, AI technologies have been positively affecting many different industries. And it is anticipated that this trend will continue.

Here are 19 industries where AI plays a big component. From software to retail, hospitality, even the healthcare industry. Corporate gifting industries shouldn't be an exclusion, because with AI, gifting can become more impactful and faster! That is why Giftpack is putting so much effort into implementing AI technology on our service, and to also stand out from other gifting platforms

Best 2 Birthday Gifts for Team Member

1. Gift Cards of Any Retail Brand

According to our data, gift cards (all kinds) show up the most when clients use our AI assistant to find birthday gifts for their coworkers or team members. Gift cards are great because it gives the recipients a lot of flexibility, they can pick anything such as an Amazon gift card, a Walmart gift card, etc.

Pro: It is convenient, fast, and also eliminates the possibility for you to pick the gifts that might not be so relevant.

Con: Recipients will be able to see the price tag because you must first pick the amount of gift cards before purchasing it.

Login to Giftpack and check out our Marketplace to see 375 different gift cards for all kinds of pricing.

2. Personalized Items(pens, thermal cups, etc)

Personalized gifts are always a good idea for a birthday present. It is usually not about the gifts, but the emotion you made them feel.

Pro: It brings people closer by showing them that you put in the effort to find the perfect gift for them.

Con: Picking a personalized gift takes some time. If you are sending only to one person, then it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. But if you are sending to a number of people at the same time, it will take a lot of your time. It is hard to scale.

Luckily, Giftpack specialized in exactly this – sending personalized gifts at scale. Check out how it works

Best 2 Anniversary Gifts for Team Member

1. Company Swags (usually clothing)

Company swag is always a fun gift for team members or coworkers. Not only will your team members enjoy receiving these goodies, but it will strengthen their sense of loyalty and pride towards the business. Also, it gives them an opportunity to show the outside world that they work for an awesome company.

Pro: It keeps employees engaged. And it can also help the company build a better impression and strong employer branding.

Con: Your team members might have already received similar gifts from you before. One good way to avoid this is to have different designs.

2. Virtual Visa (Master) Credit Cards

A virtual credit card can also serve as a recognition reward, for example, only people who worked for the company for more than 2 years will have this privilege, depending on what the employer decides. Your team members will never have to file a reimbursement to get his/her money back for something that they spend for the company.

Pro: It makes purchasing or spending for the company simpler. With a company virtual credit card, your team members will be able to use it for any purpose related to the company’s needs.

Con: There are really no cons on this gift, it’s a perfect one for the right timing.

Best 2 Appreciation Gifts for Team Member

1. Gift Cards for Life Experience

A bit different from what we have seen for Birthday gifts. Considering that you are trying to make your team members feel appreciated, it wouldn’t make a strong case when you just give them a gift card from a retail store and tell them to find something they like. No effort is shown here. Instead, an Airbnb gift card or a skydiving experience card (depending on what activities your team members like) can really be something more sentimental and fun.

Pro: It is convenient and fast. It will help create a wonderful experience for your team members, thus will also improve loyalty.

Con: Recipients will be able to see the price tag because you must first pick the amount of gift cards before purchasing it.

2. Work-From-Home Supply Kits

Number two is a A Work-From-Home Supply Kit. It contains a variety of things like earplugs, webcam covers, headphones, and chair support, basically anything that can be helpful to employees working from home. At Giftpack, this kit is 100% customizable, remove or add any items you want.

Pro: Helps increase engagement especially for those coworkers who constantly work from home. This ultimately leads to an increase in overall productivity, to be exact, by 14%.

Con: You will have to send the gifts to your team members’ homes, and sometimes it can be challenging depending on the delivery services you are working with or the region you are trying to send to.

Contact us for more information

Best 2 Recognition Gifts for Team Member

1. Customized Gift Boxes

There’s no doubt that employee recognition is one of the most powerful tools to motivate team members and improve productivity in the workplace. Giving them a gift box consisting of items that can help them in work and personal life will be extremely appealing, whether it is for recognizing their contributions for anything, from a small project to a multi-million dollar contract, can help boost employee morale and their confidence.

Pro: A customized or personalized gift box can show your effort and build a deeper connection between you and your team members.

Con: It will usually take some time for you to put together a personalized gift box. You will have to pick gifts, design the appearance of the gift box, then send the gifts.

2. Creative Awards

Awards are something that can make people feel proud of themselves, especially when it is given in a ceremony. Imagine your coworkers all watching you receive the “Ultimate Team Player” award, wouldn’t it be nice and fun? Think of some fun titles

Pro: It can create a fun experience for the award recipient, as well as the attendees and the company.

Con: The award itself has no use for anything else other than making the recipient feel good (which is plenty already)

Best 2 Christmas Gifts for Team Member

1. Movie Tickets

Considering the holiday season, it is a great time for people to bring the family around. Imagine a delicious meal and a great movie afterwards with the family, sounds like a perfectly relaxing evening, doesn’t it?

Pro: It allows your team members to enjoy life, thus, improve the work-life balance.

Con: Many families have the tendency to stay home and celebrate for Christmas, they might not have the time to use the tickets.

2. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Christmas falls in the coldest season of the year (for most countries), usually people like to drink something warm to start off a good day. A cup of warm coffee will help your team members stay awake and be productive throughout the day! And this smart mug can keep the drink warm for however long one wishes.

Pro: A heart-warming, thoughtful, seasonal gift that will move your team members’ hearts, thus, can help create a strong bond between you and the team.

Con: There are really no cons on this gift, it’s an awesome gift that can be used in all seasons.

For more gift options, sign up with Giftpack

Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

Jul 26th 20226 min read

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