When Is The Best Time For Employee Gifting?
When Is The Best Time For Employee Gifting?
Timing is the key.
When Is The Best Time For Employee Gifting?
Victoria Pi
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Give your employee a joyful surprise with a gift to celebrate any special occasion. Express your thanks for your employees’ resilience during times of change and recognize them for their accomplishments. The best times for gifting are moments worth remembering and actions worth applauding. A meaningful gift encourages workers to strive for improvements and implement changes. Time your gifts correctly to maximize its impact and leave a memorable impression on your recipients.

Top 5 gifting occasions:

  • Say “thank you”

  • Employee recognition

  • Milestones

  • Celebrations

  • Festive season

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Say “Thank You”

Gestures of kindness aren’t forgotten and words of praise can make a difference in someone’s day. Cherish the talented people you have with a gift that conveys their value to the team. Recognition is essential in retaining employees and fostering a sense of belonging within the company. Surprise gifts interrupting routine patterns of work welcome a change in pace from the mundane. Spotlight recipients and recognize them for their substantial contributions and high performance. A small token of appreciation can work wonders on uplifting someone’s mood.

Employee Recognition

Every worker has a valuable role they play in the running of the company. Acknowledge the sacrifices employees have made with gifts that reflect their hard work. Express your gratitude with gifts emphasizing their importance to the team.

No office? No problem. Gifts overcome physical distance barriers to land right on the doorstep of any worker. Remote teams benefit from a healthy company gifting culture. Without a physical office space, it can be challenging for employees to feel they belong to the wider organization or see the impact of their work. Prevent them from withdrawing and reinforce their importance. Read about 10 ways to boost employee morale during COVID-19.


Welcome Gift

Make a memorable first impression. Pick a gift that shows you took extra time and effort to make them feel a part of the company. Start off the relationship on a positive note with a thoughtful gift sets you apart from the rest. Establish a caring company culture and strengthen an employee's link to the company from the start.


Go the extra mile to highlight successes within the company. Applaud employees who receive promotions and motivate others to follow their example. Compliment them on becoming 1 step closer to their career goals with a gift reflective of their achievements.


Gifts are the perfect way to commemorate the continued dedication and loyalty of a longstanding employee. Take a step back to recall their significant work for the business and feature the best moments. Great gifts for retirees are ones with a human touch, like a card containing a compilation of thank you messages and stories from people they’ve interacted with.


Any occasion is worth celebrating! Someone’s birthday is in a couple of days? Send a gift. The project reached its KPIs? Send a gift. Gifting makes any celebration more impactful and unique. Especially during difficult times, these small moments of happiness are short escapes. A token of appreciation can uplift your recipient’s day.

For instance, combat the isolating feelings of remote work by posting a care package to your team. Remind them of their value and importance to the company. A gift connects you to your team as virtual meetings don’t replicate the office.

Festive Season

The holiday season and gift exchange go hand-in-hand in creating unforgettable experiences. Businesses love gifting around this time, so the challenge becomes how to stand out among the crowd. Dedicate time to think about your recipient and ways to go about personalizing the gift. Small gestures like picking out the right gift color, handwriting a card, or delivering in-person can be just as effective as loud gestures of extravagant gifts. Check out our guide to saving money on gifting this holiday season.

However, selecting, packaging, and shipping gifts is a time-consuming and expensive process. It’s easier to send the same gift to everyone, but it can come off as impersonal and thoughtless. Let **Giftpack **take care of all your gifting needs this year. Powered by artificial intelligence technology, Giftpack quickly and effortlessly matches each recipient with tailored gift options. From selecting gifts to tracking gift data, Giftpack ensures your gifting experience is seamless and efficient.

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When Is The Best Time For Employee Gifting?
Victoria Pi

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