How to Make Company Anniversary Gifts Memorable? Best Tips and Guides for 2022
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How to Make Company Anniversary Gifts Memorable? Best Tips and Guides for 2022

Company anniversaries are milestones to affirm your business growth. Follow the 2022 company anniversary gifts guide and celebrate this memorable day!

Octavia Chen

Octavia Chen

May 25th 20225 min read

company anniversary

It is worth to celebrate a company’s continued existence. Company anniversaries entail several meanings behind them, one of which is how successful it is. So, how can a company's continued existence not be worth celebrating? Anniversaries are marked as significant milestones achieved by your team’s hard work.

Companies can leverage anniversaries as a morale booster for employees. In addition to seizing the opportunity of celebrating your organization, companies can also plan a proper appreciation program such as sending memorable company anniversary gifts to create a sense of belonging for employees.

Some companies might skip celebrating anniversaries since it’s very time-consuming and costly. Not to mention sending company anniversary gifts, it will further increase the expenses.

Anniversary celebration has its significance. It automatically creates a positive halo around the company.

In this article, we will first talk about why company anniversaries are important and then we will provide some tips on how to do it better.

3 Reasons Why Company Anniversaries are Important

1. Achieve Marketing Goals

This probably comes to most marketers’ minds while thinking of why. Celebrating company anniversaries helps to:

  • promote corporate identity
  • boost employee morale
  • build greater investor confidence
  • encourage sales

From a public relations perspective, celebrating company anniversaries allows companies to salute past accomplishments while strengthening relationships with employees, clients, and investors at the same time. Sending company anniversary gifts enables your recipients to be more aware of your company history and also, businesses can take advantage of this to promote their products and services while raising brand awareness by printing logos on the products.

2. Recognize Employee Efforts

Your employees are those who made your business possible. So it’s important to recognize those hard-working and dedicated team members.

In Why Are Work Anniversaries Important? Unforgettable Employee Work Anniversary Ideas For Corporates to Celebrate, we talked about the impacts of holding employee work anniversaries. Similar to that, celebrating company anniversaries also recognizes employees, and such acknowledgment increases employee morale, satisfaction, and loyalty. Your company will more likely retain top talents since you show gratitude for their contributions.

3. Strengthen Company Culture

Company anniversaries strengthen company core values and reinforce employee morale. Remote working has been trending these years, and working isolated can easily make employees feel disconnected from one another. It also makes it harder for companies to form a tight community through frequent office gatherings that most office staff used to hold on special occasions.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to foster your company by building common values. And celebrating the company anniversary presents an opportunity to share positive vibes, and thereby strengthen a sense of togetherness among your employees.

How to Make Company Anniversary Gifts Memorable?

Companies usually present employees with a total rewards treatment, either during company anniversaries or special occasions for individuals. This reward landscape not only shows how companies recognize their employees’ value by working for the company, but also provides opportunities for security, inclusion, autonomy, and caring.

In this digital era, people tend to resolve this problem through online gifting platforms. stands out from other corporate gifting delivery platforms and helps businesses with effective gifting. Giftpack has a rather powerful AI solution and a huge storage algorithm that records and analyzes customers’ gift preferences.

From picking the gifts to packaging until delivery, Giftpack takes care of everything. Corporate swag gifts are often companies’ choices when anniversaries are around the corner.

We always recommend our clients to understand their company culture and value, so they can find the right gift or apply creative ideas for the company anniversaries.

Here we round up 5 stella company anniversary gifts for corporations that would boost work efficiency:

potted plant

work from home kit

ergonomic mouse

reusable tumbler cup with flip lid and straw lid

puresoft office computer desk chair

The reason why we made this list of gift selections is that they not only serve as practical office equipment but are also convenient for companies to promote their brands by inbuilding company logos on the products, or the gifts themselves just remind employees how much the company cares about them.

Although receiving company anniversary gifts can be special, businesses should also take the followings into consideration before planning what to give:

  • Each office situation may vary from industry to industry. Moreover, are your employees sharing a physical workplace or having their home offices?
  • Milestone itself. A five-year anniversary will be celebrated differently from a thirty-year anniversary.
  • Budget control. Check out more details in “Having a Hard Time Trying to Find the Best Corporate Thank You Gifts?” on our blog website.

The central concept remains the same. Company anniversary gifts should speak to your company culture as well as the employees.


Other Things You Can Do On A Company Anniversary

A successful corporate anniversary celebration can be more than just sending company anniversary gifts.

Here we chose 4 memorable company anniversary ideas for corporations:

1. Make a Slideshow to Commemorate

A slideshow expresses your appreciation and recognition of your employees. Putting on event pictures and milestones records of your team have created, funny images of your staff or highlights of the best moments during your company journey commemorate what has had been going through the This is a very memorable way of celebrating company anniversaries, as it builds the united company feelings that keep everyone closer.

2. Deliver Them Lunch

Whether it’s a work-from-home or work in office culture, your employees might be too busy to go grab lunch from time to time. On a company anniversary celebration day, companies can order employees lunch based on their preferences. Businesses can check out the e-vouchers on our platform to make a purchase restaurant gift card. This is a sweet gesture for your employees to feel cared for.

3. Hangout in Group

Get the whole team out of the office and have some fun. Plan an activity that the whole office can participate in and relax a day from work on the company anniversary day, such as a wine tasting journey in the vineyard, fun riding in the theme parks, or whatever activities that your team will enjoy.

4. Decorate The Workspace

When a company anniversary is around the corner, companies can consider to decorate the workplace with any theme or in any ways to show gratitude. This will help boost employee spirits.. Companies can consider ordering balloons and flower bouquets to light up the workplace, marking it a special day for everyone in the office.

Giftpack has 3.2 million gifts on our platform for corporations to choose from. This company anniversary gift guide is for businesses to have a clearer understanding of why celebrating such an event is crucial, and to absorb novel ideas to plan their celebration program. Keep in mind that each company has its own culture, abide by the rules and choose the best gifts/ideas that fit your workplace!

Octavia Chen

Octavia Chen

May 25th 20225 min read

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