Top 10 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas 2021
Top 10 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas 2021
— Why you want to do it differently this year
Top 10 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas 2021
David Chen
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2021 is unlike any other year.

Since last year, the world changed our lives. Some corporations are struggling to adapt to new ways of working. And indeed, employees are worried about being laid off due to all types of uncertain reasons. The unemployed are trying to figure out where their next meal could be. What does all this say about your company?

Employees are the only and most valuable asset for your business.

Employee Appreciation Day is coming soon. On this day we celebrate the achievements of employees. Boost their motivation by recognizing their contributions and in return, they will work harder to create a bright future for the company. As the business world changes under the impact of COVID-19, it’s time for us to change how we treat employees.

You may be thinking: “Sure, let’s save the money this year and award them with bigger prizes when the company thrives again after the pandemic.” But don’t forget, who will be the people helping you get through this challenging period and make your company shine again? A company can’t exist without good communication and cooperation among all team members. Therefore, whether you are an HR manager, sales manager, marketing manager, or the CEO, it’s more imperative than ever to show your gratitude this year to the people who are still working with you during the pandemic.

At a loss for what to do on Employee Appreciation Day? We selected the 10 best ideas for you to thank your team.

  1. Allow your employees to work from home (WFH).
    Many large tech firms have announced to let employees work remotely after the pandemic. It’s safer for all of us to work remotely in this situation, although essential business activities have been reopened in some parts of the country. Just don’t forget to make the transition as smooth as possible so your employees won’t feel it’s a challenge but rather an act of appreciation from the company. A training program for WFH, therefore, is recommended.

  2. Hold virtual games to gather remote workers.
    This new working culture might be unknown territory for many. A lot of companies have started remote working for months since the COVID-19 outbreak. Have your employees been able to gather and have fun ever since? If not, it’s a good time on Employee Appreciation Day for you to hold a virtual game where everyone can join and meet virtually. Did you know… there’s even a way to play party games like beer-pong virtually! Use online meeting platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. Have some fun and say “cheers!” to all your accomplishments.

  3. Plan a peer-to-peer appreciation activity.
    When all other companies are doing programs where managers recognize employee’s hard works, why not let employees themselves do the same for each other? Recall the time when you were back in school. Weren’t your fondest moments created by your classmates and friends celebrating together? Plan an activity where you encourage your team to share positive feedback and appreciate each others’ work. Imagine how big of an impact will it make in your working environment!

  4. Grant your employees access to educational content/learning resources.
    Fun fact: most of the employees leave companies in December and March. Apparently, many workers feel the most unmotivated in these two months. They are thinking of concerns including, no future, no monetary support, no sense of achievement, no sparks staying in the company, and the list goes on. Good leaders know employees have the desire to learn new things and broaden their horizons. While they may not have the resources readily accessible, it’s best for you to offer some help. Spend some money on giving subscriptions to educational content platforms and offer new learning resources to refresh their motivation.

  5. Give them a 4 day weekend.
    Employee Appreciation Day is on a Friday. While most of the companies might be giving their employees 1 day off, why not be just a little bit more generous and make it 2? If your company is having a day off on Employee Appreciation Day, you know employees might not be working very efficiently on Thursday. Make the next Monday a day-off too and let your employees either travel around or spend some quality time with their families. You’ll receive more appreciation than the amount you give.

  6. Give a public appreciation speech in the company.
    Dale Carnegie mentions in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, that 1 of the 6 ways to make people like you is to give them a sense of importance. As a leader, you have to tell your employees why they matter to this company, the department they’re in, and the relationship between you and them. Highlighting their positive contributions and traits never goes wrong. Think about their achievements in this past year. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to come up with what to thank about them. Make it a public speech. You won’t regret it.

  7. Greet their families with heart-warming messages.
    Work-life balance has been prioritized more than ever in recent years. Why is that? Let’s suppose it’s because people find themselves working too much, and don’t get to spend time with themselves, friends, and family. Sound reasonable, right? As a manager, what you can do to show how much you care about them, is to extend your greetings to your employees’ family members! When work is not just work, but another home where people take care of each other, working becomes less stressful and more favorable for your employees. This is how you cultivate relationships.

  8. Have a chat with them and talk about their future.
    In times of uncertainty, it’s easy for employees to feel anxious about the stability of their future. Spare a day to have individual in-depth talks with each of your team members. Let them talk about their future. Guide them with your personal experience and insights. Employee Appreciation Day will become the most meaningful day in their career path.

  9. Send a personalized gift tailored to each of them.
    Gifting sounds like a cliché, but it’s a physical representation of how impactful they are to the company. Make sure you’re choosing a gift that’ll meet their needs instead of typical swag items. Employees don’t want to receive T-shirts or name tags with the company’s logo on them. If you are sincere about showing your appreciation, customize each gift to each person’s preferences. If you’re struggling to find the time, contact Giftpack and they will help you take care of it.

  10. Just say “thank you.”
    Last but not least, remember to say thank you. Make it a habit. Every time your employees finish a task, show your recognition by saying “thank you!” These two simple words are somehow neglected by most of us, and yet we don’t realize how powerful they are! They don’t cost you anything, while at the same time are priceless to somebody else. Make it a habit starting from Employee Appreciation Day.

Some of these ideas cost you money, some don’t. What’s important is that on this special day, show your appreciation with sincerity and genuine. Remember: employees are your greatest assets. You could not have made it this far without them. They are the screws that keep the company together. Never forget to recognize their time and efforts!

Top 10 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas 2021
David Chen

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