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Top 5 Corporate Gifting Trends in 2022 That You Should Be Aware Of
Top 5 Corporate Gifting Trends in 2022 That You Should Be Aware Of
Get ahead of the gift-giving game.
Top 5 Corporate Gifting Trends in 2022 That You Should Be Aware Of
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Are you familiar with corporate gifting or are you a total newbie and that’s why you Googled and hope this article will give you more information or ideas? No matter have you ever be responsible to arrange gifts for your team or business partners, we can all agree that it’s a massive project, much more than you would expect.

In 2022, spend your valuable time more wisely but not so much time on boring tasks or zoom meetings that could have been an email. Instead, try more innovative, efficient and effective ways to do things, shall we? In terms of corporate gifting, we always keep an close eye on the latest trend and here is our insight of gift-giving for you to try or at least consider this year.


We always emphasize the importance of personalization of each gift for each unique giftee because it’s what make gifts so special and heartfelt but it’s always challenging for individuals or enterprises when they need to send so many gifts to people whom they have business relationships with all at once. And that’s when they need help from the latest technology to sort that out.

Fortunately, many corporates are on the same page with us since last year. We have been forced to stay at home due to COVID-19 and it’s very easy to feel out of the touch of the world from time to time even if we quarantine with our family, partner, or housemates. Therefore, a personalized gift at their doors is surprisingly an effective way to cheer your teammates and boost the employee morale.

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Giving Back

As many suffer from the economy crash because of the lockdown worldwide, many people who are still fortunate to keep their jobs or financial stabilities are inspired to help others in need and thats’ why a donation to charities is a thoughtful gift for people want to give back. It is also a ideal gift for people are not into physical gifts as it doesn’t take up any space and produce zero waste. Choose the charities with the causes that are close to your gift receivers’ hearts here.

Digitalized Gifting Process

Still using google sheets to keep track of all corporate gifts? Not only it is hard to manage but also painfully time-consuming to input all the details by hands. In 2021, it’s time to upgrade your corporate gifting process and digitalize it. There are quite a few corporate gifting platforms out there and we wrote a comparison article about it for your information. Some use AI technology to choose the gifts base on each one’s preference and hobbies, some created a customized gift catalog for your company, and some order everything from Amazon for you and also arrange the logistic.

It may take some time to do the research and trials but you will immediately be satisfied with your choice if you can find the suitable platform for your company as it saves so much time and manpower for in holiday seasons. Not to mention how it easy it is to control the budget and arrange the delivery when you can customize the gifting process on those digital platforms. Bonus points: your employees and clients will be impressed by how efficient and neat the gifting process is when they receive the gift. It’s a win-win situation.

Gift Automation

Like we mentioned earlier, there are gifting platforms like Giftpack which expertise is AI gifting — Imagine there is an all-in-one platform which keeps record your gift receivers’ preferences, hobbies, favorite colors, mailing addresses. Let’s say a festival is coming and you need to send more than 100 gifts, all you need to do is set the budget and the built-in AI gifting assistants will pick out all the gifts that are tailored for your giftees and also arrange the delivery. The platform also allows you to track the status of all gifts so it will give you a piece of mind during holiday seasons. Too good to be true? It actually exists and that’s Giftpack AI’s expertise.

Giftpack AI provides the smartest gifting solutions that fits your company’s needs. The gift catalog has more than 2.5 million items and our AI system tailored 3–5 gift options for the recipients base on the keywords that you input or their internet footprints. When the customized gift list is ready, an email will be sent to the gift receiver and they will claim their own gift in the email. When they finished the selection, the gift will be purchased and delivered to their doorstep. Viola! The whole gifting process is seamless and effortless just like that.

It only takes a few clicks to send personalized and heartfelt at our user-friendly platform and if you are curious how accurate is our gift selection is, the free trial is your introduction to the journey. (Read more about the benefits of gift automation here.)

Build A Gifting Platform for Your Products

If you are confident with your own products and believe that they are perfect gifts themselves then why not make them even more accessible for your customers for all occasions. There are corporates which also have corporate clients started building their own gifting platforms recently. Please don’t confuse that with the e-commerce platforms that you see on many brands’ official websites. It’s actually a gift automation system for your loyal customers which means they can send corporate gifts (your products) at scale automatically for holidays, birthdays anniversaries or whenever they desire.

It is a complete new product of Giftpack AI, since we started reaching out to year-long-history corporates last year, we found out that some of them are still using spreadsheets to take orders even though there are unimaginably large number of orders each year (mind blown!) and that’s how we were inspired to create a brand new solution for such companies. Sometimes, when your products are too popular and reputable, an online shop may not be necessarily a priority but a customized gifting system for it is.

With your own gifting platform we create for you, your long-term corporate or individual customers can set budget, upload gift recipients’ contacts, schedule gift deliveries…etc. just like our Giftpack AI gifting platform but it’s only for you and your customers. Such gift order system will save huge amount of time for your brand on the operation side. Of course, you are welcome to customize the features for your brand’s platform so that it will fit like a glove.

This kind of inclusive gifting platform will also create a special bonding between the brand and the VIPs since it’s not available for regular customers. The already loyal VIPs will be more likely to come back for even more orders as it is a pleasant and smart gifting experience for them too. If that’s something that you are looking for, please contact us for more details.


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