What are the benefits of corporate gifting?
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What are the benefits of corporate gifting?

Are you still deciding whether conducting corporate gifting is going to help your company? Take a look at the 8 benefits of corporate gifting, and how they can best reach out to your different types of TAs.

Victoria Pi

Victoria Pi

Aug 11th 20226 min read

Simply put, corporate gifting adds value to any successful company culture and compliments efforts to include a human touch in increasingly common online activities. The 3 main groups receiving corporate gifts are employees, loyal customers and clients, and prospective clients.

Corporate gifting impacts each group in slightly different ways and understanding the nuanced benefits helps to improve your strategy when approaching these groups.

In this article we will show you 8 benefits of corporate gifting, each one by itself can bring great value to your business. If you want to know what exactly is corporate gifting, read our article to get an understanding.

8 benefits of corporate gifting

  • Reduce turnover
  • Boost morale and motivation
  • Connect people together during difficult times
  • Maintain loyalty for repeat business
  • Bolster brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Bridge the long-distance gap
  • Strengthen B2B relationships


Reduce turnover

Recognizing employee achievements with small tokens to emphasize your gratitude reduces costly turnover from disengaged workers. Prevent workers from feeling unappreciated and unattached to the company by checking in with a thoughtful gift. A personalized gift tells them you care about them outside the holiday season, and that you are not just following the norm.

Retaining employees is one of the most important KPIs for Human Resource, so you must find a way to applaud employees’ efforts. Meaningful employee gifting turns out to be a great way to show appreciation. Ultimately, you will be able to increase your employee retention, as well as build better employer branding creating a company culture that praises employees for their continued dedication towards achieving set goals through gifting.

Boost morale and motivation

Corporate gifting can help motivate your employees to work harder because the gifts symbolize that hard work will potentially result in a reward that’s different from just regular company incentives. One thing people may not know is that recipients prefer getting a gift rather than money in many cases.

Gifts signal appreciation and gratitude without prerequisites or expectation for something to be returned. A thoughtful gift, even if it’s just a small gesture of a handwritten note, can make someone’s day as it sends the message that you took time out of your day to think about them. Go above and beyond to pick a personalized gift based on the recipients’ characteristics in how much you pay attention and care about them. Don’t let low morale affect your entire workforce and impede the progress of your business. A strong workforce stays engaged and efficient to promote more sales.

Connect people together during difficult times

With changes to traditional ways of working and virtual practices becoming commonplace, businesses have to think of new ways to connect with their employees. Sending gifts to your employees can be an effective way to stay connected with them, thus to heighten their productivity whilst working remotely.

Although the distance barrier and lack of in-person social activities may seem like an insurmountable challenge, you can go out of your way to demonstrate support for employees. Imagine receiving a gift from your friend along with a note saying they are always there to help, isn’t that touching? Do the same for your employees, you will see a good return on the investment with a well-executed gifting strategy. You can check out a few corporate gifting platforms that can help you do just that, Giftpack on the other hand, can make it possible to tangibly track key metrics to unveil the effectiveness of gifts.

Loyal Customers and Partners

Maintain loyalty for repeat business

It is pretty straightforward that corporate gifting can help with retaining customers. It is just like employee appreciation, client gifting can remind your clients that you are thankful for their choice to do business with you. Giving back is a way of showing that you value their contribution to your company. By rewarding customers with useful gifts to reciprocate the value they provide for your business, you can gain their trust over time. Naturally encourage word-of-mouth referrals that support sales lead generation. Interacting with them fosters a mutually beneficial relationship where each side sees an advantage for getting involved.

So think about sending a gift to clients who have done business with you before, ask them how you can improve the process. Any feedback is going to be helpful to the growth of your business.

Bolster brand awareness

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Sending gifts to your existing clients can help with your word-of-mouth in the industry. You can utilize corporate gifting campaigns to build a brand and distribute that information through gifting to your clients or the employees of your clients.

Maximize your brand recognition to develop a positive image perception of your company. Thoughtful gifts can serve as purposeful reminders of your existence. Use corporate gifts as a way to introduce new products or services, new features, or partnerships. Celebrate your company values by sending gifts that highlight your mutual vision. Important: Gifts to customers should not seem tacky or replicate marketing swag as that may express the wrong message. You want to set them apart from regular promotional gifts to showcase the individual qualities of what makes each gift special for the recipient.

Prospective clients

Generate leads

People are naturally intrigued by gifts and you can use it to incentivize recipients to take action. For instance, create more sales leads by asking people to book a meeting or sign up for an event with a simple gift. Be known as the company who gives before taking and actively engages with leads. How you treat others will reflect on your company and a defined corporate gifting strategy can improve its overall reputation within the industry.

When gifting prospects, make sure to do your research to find out what’s appropriate for each person. Find a balance between the price and quality of your gift to ensure it hits the mark and doesn’t deter your client from engaging with your business.

Bridge the long-distance gap

Bridge the long-distance gap by sending a gift anywhere in the world to extend your network beyond physical locations boundaries. Although social media networking sites, like LinkedIn, allows the possibility of talking to nearly any prospective client from anywhere, the intangible online nature of the interaction makes it more difficult to be noticed. There are only so many variations of messages that can be sent and the high likelihood of being ignored altogether.

How do you stand out from the crowd? Corporate gifting. Send a physical gift to prompt a response and inspire them to take your desired action. As Patricia Duchene outlines in “4 Corporate Gifting Strategies That Will Elevate Your Sales”, holding tangible items “creates a pattern interrupt” from routine schedules and leaves a stronger imprint on the recipient. Digital ways of communicating don’t leave the same kind of satisfaction compared to items you can touch with your hands. Utilize the opportunity to align your gift to your value proposition and initiate feelings of trust as they get to interact with your business in a new way.

Strengthen B2B relationships

Leave an impression on your B2B recipients by sending personalized gifts curated just for them. Use gifts to open opportunities for forming connections and for starting a conversation. Personalizing prospective clients' gifts is imperative to convey their importance and show you care about their individuality. Establish mutual respect and trust while reminding your recipient of the significant role they play in nurturing the relationship.

If you want your business to be successful and do well in the long-run, you need to be great at managing all kinds of relationships. Corporate gifting is a way to bring relationships closer and it is hard to go wrong.

So if you are still in doubt or not sure of what to do for your corporate gifting campaigns, book a call with us, and we will help you will all we got!

Victoria Pi

Victoria Pi

Aug 11th 20226 min read

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