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10 Gifts for Long-Distance Friends
10 Gifts for Long-Distance Friends
Just because you and your friend may be apart, does not mean you have left each other’s hearts…
10 Gifts for Long-Distance Friends
4 min read

By Mary Vogt

Being miles away from a close friend or object of affection is hard enough, and you may fear they have forgotten about you in the mix of new connections they have made. You may also be wondering what you can get to remind them you are still in their life and you are thinking about them every day. Here are ten gift ideas for the one who’s abroad.

For the Best Friend

Your best friend is moving across the country, and you want to surprise her when she arrives at her new home. These gifts are the perfect answer and will make her feel comforted.


According to mental health experts, flowers can improve anxiety and overall mood. So, this is really the best gift you could give to a close friend who has moved to a new city. Giftpack offers a wide variety of flowers to choose from. With their vibrant colors, they are sure to brighten anyone’s day.


You know your friend better than anyone else, which is why Giftpack provides the option to choose a gift!! And, the process is super simple: just write down what gift you want to be delivered, where it can be found, any information we may need when picking up the gift, and a special message you would like to add.

For the Sweet Tooth

If you don’t have a thing for desserts, chances are you know someone who does. Here are some sweet treats we recommend gifting.


It is said that chocolate releases endorphins, which are the feel-good chemicals in our brains. So, if you are looking to get a friend out of a funk, this is the ideal treat to give. Giftpack offers several chocolaty surprises that are sure to be devoured in minutes. We’ll tie it up in a pretty bow, too.


If your friend is not a fan of chocolate, they are sure to love a box of macarons. It’s a little taste of Paris delivered right to their door! They also come in a wide variety of flavors, so there’s a little something for everyone.

For the Glam Gal

We all have that one friend who likes to have the perfect outfit, makeup, and hair. Here are a couple of gift ideas for the glam gal in your life.


A glamorous girl is bound to host glamorous parties and events; which means, she needs pens to write invites. A glitzy stationery set is a practical, yet fun gift for the socialite in your life.


Whether your friend is new to makeup or is a seasoned pro; a set of makeup brushes is a must-have for any beauty lover. These brushes, in particular, are very glamorous. They even have glitter in the stems!

For A Friend with Benefits

For those of you who have friends from beyond who are little more than just a friend, we suggest giving something extra special.


What better gift for your long-distance boo? A bouquet of roses is a romantic choice that lets her know you’re thinking of her. Rose Box roses are especially cool, as they are preserved to last up to one whole year!


If your long-distance friendship is a bit steamy, don’t be afraid to be bold and give the gift of pleasure. The lovenuts vibrator is discreet and easy to travel with if your lady is always on the go. She’ll thank you later.

And, For When You Just Don’t Know…

Not all the time do we know what to give our nearest and dearest. So, for those gift-givers who are busy, or are trying to extend the hand of friendship with an ultra-sweet gesture; Giftpack comes to the rescue with Gifting Assistant services.


A little luxury never hurt anyone. So, gift your friend a taste of the finer things in life. Our luxury Gifting Assistant service includes gifts from a selection of high-end brands, so your recipient is sure to get something they love.


If you have a limited budget, but still want to surprise a friend: Giftpack’s Economy Set is your go-to. This set is chock-full of small, cute items including stationery, jewelry, and more!

Just because you and your friend may be apart, does not mean you have left each other’s hearts…


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