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Gifting 101 for Long-Term Lovers
Gifting 101 for Long-Term Lovers
If you have been with your lover for a long time, whether they be your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, it can be challenging to spice things up. Gifting is a fool-proof way to do just that.
Gifting 101 for Long-Term Lovers
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By Mary Vogt

If you have been with your lover for a long time, whether they be your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, it can be challenging to spice things up. Gifting is a fool-proof way to do just that.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Just showing your significant other you were thinking of them can enhance an already strong bond. You do not have to break the bank on over the top getaways or diamond-encrusted jewelry. A gift with meaning is plenty and will be appreciated; it has been proven. According to a study conducted by Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, recipients of high-priced gifts were not any more appreciative than those who received less expensive gifts. Further proving the theory that less is more, and the thought is really what counts. So, you do not need to spend a lot of money to be recognized as “couple goals”.

How Gifting Strengthens a Relationship

Gifting is optional, of course. However, many long-term partners have benefitted from occasionally surprising one another with a treat. According to Psychology Today, gift-giving has been recognized as a viable way to apologize for a mistake or simply to show affection for a person. Without a doubt, receiving a gift can brighten anyone's day and make them feel loved. In turn, tightening the bond in a relationship.

Some Inspiration

Anything can pretty much be made a gift, but here are five gift ideas to help spark some inspiration.


In all honesty, the wow factor of a gift truly lies in your ability to make it personal to the recipient. Is there a hidden joke you and your partner have that makes them lose their mind laughing? A significant symbol of your relationship? It could be as simple as their favorite flower or their regular order at Starbucks. Whatever the surprise, it is sure to be special if you can relate it to the person directly or your relationship with them. Giftpack’s Gifting Assistant can help you curate the perfect personalized gift for your special someone.


Sometimes, an activity you can do together is better than any tangible gift you could give. You could plan a trip to a place neither have you been to before, have a date in a secret spot (hyperlink secretive date spots article), or view the sunset at the beach. Whatever the experience may be, it is sure to speak louder than words and mean the world; science says so.


You don’t need to be a seasoned chef to make a delicious meal your partner will love. There are tons of simple recipes on the web and meal kit delivery services that make a date night in a piece of cake. Also, who doesn’t love food? It’s pretty much the best gift you could give to someone.


When you have lived in close quarters with someone for a long time, you notice the small things. Including, the things they run out of or are in desperate need of. Even the most simple of things, like shavers, a new t-shirt, or a notebook for them to write in can show your significant other that you notice their needs.


If your partner has been a little stressed lately, a spa day is a perfect antidote. Give them a gift certificate for a massage, facial, or mani-pedi. Or, even better, get a couple’s massage. Chances are, you both deserve some pampering.

And, of course, the most beautiful gift of all is the love between two people. It is the gift that keeps giving, after all.


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