Innovative corporate gifting solution — all you want to ask about Giftpack AI
Innovative corporate gifting solution — all you want to ask about Giftpack AI
Here are the answers to your 8 most pressing questions about Giftpack AI
Innovative corporate gifting solution — all you want to ask about Giftpack AI
Giftpack Inc.
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Maybe you were looking for our blog or perhaps you stumbled onto it on pure chance — either way, I am here to help you understand our cutting-edge gifting software. Whether the head of HR rewarding employees for reaching their quarterly goals, an Executive Assistant sending holiday gifts to their VIP clients, an individual in dire need of ideas for their new girlfriend’s birthday, or anyone in between, Giftpack will allow you to gift more efficiently and effectively. Here are the answers to your 8 most pressing questions:

How does Giftpack AI software work?

Our software uses AI to build an interest profile and matches that profile with complementary products. You will begin by providing a “gift budget” for each person. Then, all publicly available data on the recipient (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.) is combined with available statistical data (e.g. 83% of busy workers prefer practical gifts). Then, for increased accuracy, we give the Gifter the option to provide keywords about the recipient (job title, any known interests, favorite color, etc). Once all data is compiled and analyzed by our software, 5 gift options attuned to the interest profile are generated within the budget provided — and sent to your recipients to claim via emails.

What types of gifts do you send?

Our software chooses between a diverse range of products — over 1.2 million products from 9 different countries. From inexpensive practical gifts like marble tape dispensers to high- end and showy gifts like clutches and perfumes, we cover all our bases.

How long does the software take to generate gift options?

Depending on the information provided and virtual footprint, our software can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 days (in extreme circumstances) to generate gift options. Typically, gifts are generated in around an hour or less. But in cases of those with massive virtual footprints like celebrities or top CEOs, our software can take up to 2 days to take in and analyze all the data to perfect results. Leo DiCaprio is a whole different animal than John Smith from Facebook — and the software will adjust accordingly.

Do we do gift wrapping and personal messages?

Yes, we will wrap your gifts and can even hand-write custom messages on cards if you want. It is US$8.99 per gift wrapping and US$14.99 per handwritten card. Shipping is included in the budget that you provide.

How does shipping and delivery work? Can I track the delivery of my gift?

Once your recipient claims their gift from their email, it is either sent to our warehouse to wrap or sent directly to the recipient. We ship anywhere and everywhere, but we ask you to understand possible delays due to COVID-19. For areas plagued by COVID-19 and international shipping, expect at most 3 weeks and for domestic shipping expect at most 1 week. We will have the tracking code for all your deliveries so you will know when your gift has been successfully delivered.

Who have you worked with in the past?

Some of our larger clients have been Facebook, Google, ENFOS and Cisco. At Google, for example, a project manager needed to reward his hard-working engineers after a big milestone with a gift they would love — but didn’t have the gift ideas or the time to make this a reality on his own. At ENFOS, a secretary wanting to expedite the tedious process of picking and choosing hundreds of gifts to send for employee birthdays — so our software generated 5 options that she could choose from.

What does pricing look like? Can I get a trial to see if I like the gifts?

To simply use our software to generate gift options for more than 100 recipients, we charge between US$750 to US$1250 a month, depending on the specific situation. Sending gifts to A-list celebrities will look different from a price standpoint than sending gifts to employees at smaller companies.

To use our software in full — meaning we generate options, send the corresponding gifts to the recipient’s email, package and ship the gifts once claimed — we take on average a 20% commission on each gift, but this fluctuates based on the total gifting budget allocated. If your gifting budget is US$50,000, we will take US$10,000. Money left over from your budget due to failure to claim the gift or claiming of gifts below the average gift price will be rolled over to your next campaign or wired back to your company at the month’s end.

Is Giftpack right for me?

If you’ve made it this far, chances are it is. Both businesses and individuals can gain from Giftpack. We do the leg work, while you continue your daily life as normal and enjoy the comfort of knowing your recipient is satisfied. For more information schedule a call or reach out over email to

Innovative corporate gifting solution — all you want to ask about Giftpack AI
Giftpack Inc.

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