Giftern: What Are the Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer?
Giftern: What Are the Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer?
Hands-on experience of a digital marketing intern at Giftpack.
Giftern: What Are the Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer?
Giftpack Inc.
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It’s been a while since I wrote an article sharing my internship interview experience with Giftpack in Winter 2020. In this article, I want to share what I had been doing and tools I’d been using as a Digital Marketing Intern during the time at Giftpack. I believe all the tasks fall into three main categories:

  1. Content Generation
  2. Video Production
  3. Data Analyzation

Content Generation

Content generation is the one of the main job duties of a marketer. An indicator of a good or bad marketer is to write appealing content and deliver appropriate content to TA. However, the fact is that content generation is actually a very big concept. If you take a deeper look into it, you’ll notice that there are many different categories.

Before a more thorough explanation of the tasks, I want to introduce Marketing Funnel first. The purpose of this funnel is to know the buyer’s stages from starting to conducting a purchase and help a Marketer evaluate performance. If you search online, you’ll know there are many forms of Marketing Funnel. But I think these forms all consist of the core values — Awareness, Interest, and Conversion. You have to know that there are various tools a Marketer needs to use because different tools would have different results. Think and plan about what tools and results you want to have for your company is very important; otherwise, you might get lost in all kinds of KPIs.

Social Media

Looking at the Marketing Funnel chart, you can tell the main purpose of using social media is creating Awareness. That is, we want to attract more attention and have interaction with more people through social media channels. As a Giftern, there are various social media platforms to manage, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on. Because Giftpack segments our users by targeting both io-end B2C and ai-end B2B costumers, and we have to operate in two languages, English and Chinese, we basically need to run 4 accounts on each social media platform. Thinking what content is appropriate to have two languages versions is difficult enough, still, we also need to consider our TA as well. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll see we post the same posts with slightly different content based on different TA on Giftpack Taiwan and Giftpack.

Among all the posts, I remember a post an April’s Fools the most. Without advertising, we hit 15x more impressions and 30x more interactions than average posts. Pretty well done!

stats of the post

・EDM (Electronic Direct Mailing)

In comparison to social media, the main purposes of EDM are about creating Desire and encouraging Action, which is why I want to focus more on conversion-related indicators here. Generally, people who subscribe to a newsletter are lead/prospects who are interested in the product or service. As a Marketer, the question to think about is why they haven’t placed an order even if they’re interested. Our job is to find out the reasons and push them to take action when appropriate via Emails.

As the old Chinese saying goes, “To do a good job, one must first sharpen one’s tools.” It is vital to learn popular tools in the industry for EDM. Two recommendations: Mailchimp and HubSpot. The former one is the unicorn in all the EDM platforms, and the latter one rockets as the concept of Inbound Marketing is becoming popular these days. These two websites have powerful features respectively for different purpose of use. Being able to use both of them will really add up value to your work. I’d suggest people who want to excel at EDM learn to use both of these platforms asap.

At Giftpack, Giftern would be responsible for two newsletters per week. We are in charge of everything starting from content to icon design to finishing. Sometimes we also have segmentation and organization of data kinds of work. I personally quite like EDM and find it interesting, because lots of details are adjustable in EDM. For example, from the title, launch time, content length, visual design, and placement of bottoms, etc, will all have influences on the performance of email campaigns. Sometimes a small change will bring a huge improvement you’d never expect!

Newsletter designed on Mailchimp

・Blog Post

The main purpose of blog posts is actually quite similar to social media, creating Awareness and Interest. However, managing social media accounts and blogs are two totally different things. If we see a social media platform as the fascia of our brand, then a blog is more like a cabinet full of books. People who walk into the store and are willing to read books are usually expecting to gain more in-depth knowledge. As a result, the challenge here is finding a way to connect useful information with your brand. Although at a glance running a blog seems difficult, the benefits it brings is mind-blowing. According to statistics from HubSpot, blog marketing is a secret of marketing people around the world.

Giftpack has been running blogs for a long time. We mainly write about gifting related knowledge and brand stories. My job as a Giftern is to write regularly and update those out-dated posts. If you are a writer, you’ll know what I’m talking here is not as easy as many people think. It takes several hours to produce one good article. For me who doesn’t really have a gift of writing, it usually takes a whole day for writing. I’m still trying to find a way to produce articles with higher efficiency.

The official blog we run on Medium

Now you might be thinking, “how is it possible that some people publish several articles within one week?” This shows the importance of updating old articles. I remember there was a well-known blogger sharing his secrets of producing high-quality content regularly. The answer was in all the articles he updated every week, 2/3 are the old ones being rearranged and updated. From my experience, this phenomenon can be shown in most of the top blogs. Apparently, this is a good way to manage your blog.

Continually producing high quality content is difficult. It’s simpler using the old ones to create new values.

To sum up, I believe writing an article is a very good practice, both for organizing thoughts and expressing them. Besides, it is a good way to record your life and create your own portfolio. I’d recommend everyone get into the habit of writing. This will certainly help you in your future life.

Video Production

Generally speaking, video production and marketing has almost nothing to do with each other. Many companies hire outsourcing teams for video production. While at Giftpack, the marketing team needs to run a YouTube channel, and all the production work is done by us as well. In the past half-year, I was included in all kinds of shootings. From using large, professional cameras, to small cellphones for recording, and editing and postproduction, all these works were adding stress especially there was a tight schedule, but I indeed learned a lot through the process.

Let me introduce the most important project these months — Packer Journey. This project is like a brand image video. The main goal of this project is to share the work of a Packer and attract more people to become one. A 30-second short video took us the whole day and the whole team in Taiwan to finish, and that does not include the preparation, such as storyboard, site visit, recruiting of actors, sponsorship, and equipment renting. Now you should understand video production is not an easy task, right? That’s probably my biggest takeaway after being involved in video production.

Data Analyzation

As a Digital Marketer, except for producing high-quality content, learning analyzing data and finding potential possibilities are important abilities, too! I feel like I really had so many opportunities to have a look at different tools for data analyzation at Giftpack. The major task for the marketing department is SEO for our own website. To put in simple words, SEO is like having a health examination on the website, and see if the search engine likes it or not for a better ranking on SERP.

SEO has to do with many fields. From engineering (settings of HTML and CSS) to marketing content (keywords and word count of every webpage) will all affect the performance of SEO. The reality is it is still the Marketer who is responsible for SEO. Therefore, aligning across different departments and give instructions that are simple to follow are the missions for us.

To be honest, SEO is not easy to learn. Sometimes you can’t see the results in a short period of time. I was trying with different approaches and reading blogs of leading experts in SEO as a Giftern. Interestingly, the suggestion may differ as you go through all the blogs. I think all we can do is to try and error, and see how well the performance is based on Google Analytics or other tools to know if we’re on the right track or not.


The past half-year at Giftpack was great training for me, especially for a person who wants to dive into the marketing industry. I almost tried all the things relating to Marketing except for advertising. Due to the reason that Giftpack has a culture of remote working, the managers usually don’t give instructions and reply questions in seconds. More often, we need to find the answers online by ourselves. To conclude, for friends who want to cultivate their marketing skills, you can really grow a lot here at Giftpack. I’m pretty sure this is an opportunity you won’t be having at other larger enterprises!

article written by Jerry Lin | Translated by David Chen

Giftern: What Are the Responsibilities of a Digital Marketer?
Giftpack Inc.

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