Top 9 Corporate Gifting Platforms in 2021
Top 9 Corporate Gifting Platforms in 2021
Picking the right corporate gifting platform doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll show you how to choose them.
Top 9 Corporate Gifting Platforms in 2021
Victoria Pi
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The burst of happiness when opening a gift is unlike any other feeling, no matter the occasion. Express your gratitude through a gift that surprises and delights the recipient.

Picking the right gift is challenging and a nightmare when you’re doing it alone. Deciding what gift to give is a full-time job. There aren’t enough hours in the day to invest in what gift is appropriate for who. Especially when you’ve never met them before or have hundreds of people to gift.

Save time and reduce costs by enlisting a corporate gifting platform to do the work for you. Reduce the stress and burden of picking gifts to focus on making connections that matter. These platforms help deliver your appreciation to the recipient by going beyond dull swag gifts.

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Corporate gifting platforms are your one-stop-shop for all things related to the corporate gifting process. Different companies cover varying aspects of the corporate gifting process. Common features include data analytics, gift selection, shipping, tracking, and delivery. These services summarize your company’s return on investment (ROI) and give insight into the impact of gifting with trackable metrics.

Finding the right company that fits with yours is crucial for a long-term partnership. You are making an investment. Protect it by making an informed decision. Here are 7 considerations when choosing to work with a corporate gifting service to ensure your gift won’t miss the mark:

  1. Service coverage

  2. Customer Service

  3. API integration

  4. Scalability

  5. Personalization

  6. Pricing

  7. Goal alignment

1. Service Coverage

To what extent does the gifting company cover the holistic gifting process?

You’re looking for a business to help ease your pain. Think about how much coverage you are seeking. Some companies do it all from product sourcing to post-shipment customer care. You can have peace of mind knowing someone reliable is assisting your gifting needs. Others only provide solutions for gift curation and personalization. Many platforms allow a combination of services depending on your specific requirements.

2. Customer Service

How do they treat you?

Review the platform’s customer service. You and your gift recipients are their customers. Ask questions about adjusting services for special requests tailored to your circumstances. Ask for a live demo or free trial to preview your recipient’s gifting experience. Do a quick search on the company’s reputation. Read reviews to gain insight from those who have used the service before. Get in touch with the service and see how they treat your questions. Gauge their emphasis on creating an extraordinary customer experience as it could be an indicator of how reliable and quick they are to resolving customer conflicts.

3. API Integration

How easy is it to use?

The advantage of using a gifting platform is the added tracking capability integrated into your customer relationship management (CRM) system. Find a service that integrates with your CRM system for a friction-free experience. Track how many gifts are claimed, shipped, and received right from your CRM system. No need to spend hours learning how to use a new platform or system with separate login details.

4. Scalability

Is it scalable for your purpose?

Determine if the corporate gifting service is scalable. You might be looking for a service that can run multiple gifting campaigns for recipients spanning across different positions or countries. Whether you have hundreds of employees to gift or a handful of VIPs, confirm if the service is able to attend to these requirements.

5. Personalization

What branding or personalization offerings are there?

Delve into the company’s options and ask yourself if they match what you are seeking. Make note of their branding practices. Corporate gifts don’t need your logo covering every surface. Enquire about making adjustments to the presence of logos and branding to prevent your gift from becoming tacky.

Find out the extent of their gift catalog. A wide variety of diverse gifts means there will be something satisfying even the most selective person. Do a quality check. High-quality gifts are essential as cheap gifts communicate the wrong message. Learn about how the company matches and customizes gifts based on each person’s preferences. Each corporate gifting service has its own unique way of finding the best gift for each person.

Pay attention to the small detail offerings. Check if they can individualized note cards that don’t all print the same generic message. Focus on the emphasis they put on the packaging. Presentation matters. Elegance and sophistication reflect positively on how much you care about your recipients.

6. Pricing

Are you getting the most value?

Examine the pricing structure and compare it to your budget. See what high-quality gifts are available within your budget. Transparency about pricing options and willingness to show a live demo indicates openness about their operations. Depending on how large your order is, there might be discounts available to help fit your budget. It’s not only about the price but also about the non-monetary value they bring to the gifting experience. There might be aspects of their service that go above and beyond to justify their price point.

7. Goal alignment

What is the goal you are reaching with your gift?

Your gifts are sent with a purpose. Choose a gifting platform that can best help you achieve your goals by sending the right message. Think about the values of the gifting platform to ensure they aligned with your ethos.

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There are a variety of corporate gifting platforms to help you maximize your ROI and elevate your sales. These platforms take a holistic view and take care of nearly all aspects of the gifting process. Most importantly they all give the sender or the recipient **a choice **in the gift selection. In today’s digital age, reporting metrics are vital to track the impact of your gifting strategy. Thus, many gifting platforms include services such as gift tracking and satisfaction reviews. Most offer an API integration with your existing CRM to make your experience as seamless as possible so you can focus on the human aspect of engaging with employees, clients, or prospects.

We’ve sifted through the noise to highlight the top 10 (in no particular order) you should consider in 2021:

  1. Giftpack
  2. &Open
  3. Sendoso
  4. Alyce
  5. Gift My Client
  7. The Thriving Box Co
  8. Snappy Gifts
  9. Loop & Tie


Giftpack Website

Giftpack AI is a concierge AI-powered enterprise gifting platform specializing in offering personalization at scale to amplify the impact of tailored gifts. The company simplifies the gifting process by utilizing AI technology to efficiently analyze each recipient's digital footprint to select the most appropriate gift. The curated pool of 2.5 million products caters to all types of audiences and a variety of occasions. Giftpack operates globally so recipients can claim their gift or donate to a charity of their choice. The company takes care of generating, ordering, and shipping gifts worldwide to help strengthen business relationships for anyone anywhere.

Audience: customers, employees, prospects, partners

Exclusive: AI personalization

Standout features:

  • Extensive gift options (over 2.5 million options)

  • Free AI gifting assistant questionnaire useful for checking out the accuracy of the system beforehand

  • AI-powered gift picking saves time by generating options quickly for a large number of recipients


&Open Website

&Open aims to inspire loyalty by offering a fully customizable gifting experience for both companies and recipients. The global gifting platform offers both physical and digital gifts with options catered to each company’s brand voice and ethos. Have the option of sending a custom-made physical gift with their partners or your own company’s branded products with their commerce platform integrations. Digital alternatives include cash or subscriptions to popular services. The company makes interacting with customers easy by offering to communicate gifting links through email, integrated messaging, and social media direct messages. &Open also values sustainability through their high quality, responsibly sourced items from local areas and abroad.

Audience: customers

Exclusive: digital gifts

Standout features:

  • Gamifies the recipient’s experience to spark greater interaction during the gift claiming process

  • Worldwide distribution with customs and duties paid by the time gifts are delivered

  • Responsibly sourced gifts shipped in biodegradable protective packaging


Sendoso Website

Sendoso is the all-in-one service option for businesses beyond just gifting needs. It stores and ships direct mail, company swag, and customer gifts to recipients worldwide whilst tracking ROI. Their extensive features emphasize sending unique experiences and gifts for any corporate needs. Integration with popular applications ensures a seamless experience with existing customer relationship management systems while staying compliant with data protection legislation. Sendoso is a powerful platform that blends logistics with automation to help businesses engage with customers.

Audience: customers, employees, prospects, partners

Exclusive: personalize gifts from Amazon with handwritten notes and branded packaging

Standout features:

  • Flexible gifting options from individual items to custom gift boxes

  • Offers virtual experiences and events

  • eGift reward for scheduling and attending a meeting


Alyce Website

Alyce also uses AI technology to suggest unique gifts for recipients who can accept, exchange, or donate their gift options. The brand focuses on quality connections by specializing in the sending of hyper-personalized gifts, swag, direct mail, and invitations to recipients. Alyce starts every interaction with either a physical or digital invitation. Like other platforms, it can measure and track gifts to attribute ROI.

Audience: customers, prospects, partners

Exclusive: pre-and-post gift CTA

Standout features:

  • Customize pre-gift (ex: book a meeting) or post-gift (ex: satisfaction survey) call-to-action

  • Create a marketplace of swag items to give recipients the choice to choose which item(s) they want

  • Recipients can accept, exchange, or donate their gifts

Gift My Client

Gift My Client Website

Gift My Client takes a more hands-on approach with corporate gifting by giving you the choice to help curate selected gifts for your recipients. The platform creates a personalized catalog for each organization, which is then presented as an online storefront for recipients to browse through. Their services and management tools are customizable to your specific requirements. The platform ships to 54 countries, including North America and most of Europe, but keep in mind the flat rate of $10CAD for each product.

Audience: customers, employees, partners, prospects

Exclusive: curated online storefront gifting experience

Standout features:

  • Gifts always abide by corporate guidelines and governance restrictions

  • Client satisfaction measured by automating the sending of surveys, reviews, and referrals

  • Customizable reporting dashboard

Snappy Gifts

Snappy Gifts Website

Snappy is an experience-driven employee gifting service for corporations looking to inject a little fun into their gifting process. Employers choose their price range to set a collection of redeemable gifts recipients can select from. These curated gifts range from a variety of local experiences to artisan products so there is sure to be something for everyone.

Audience: employees

Exclusive: experience-focused gift options

Standout features:

  • Unique gift redemption process. Employees are given a digital scratch card to unveil their recommended gift chosen by their employer

  • Does not charge for unclaimed gifts

  • Recipients can pre-swap gifts for anything else in the collection within the same price range if they are not happy with the first choice

Loop & Tie

Loop & Tie Website

Loop & tie aims to increase customer loyalty through its comprehensive system taking care of gift curation, shipping, and analytics. Senders pick a collection of items they want to gift based on their budget and theme. These collections are curated by their gifting experts or senders can customize to their requirements. Recipients are the final decision-makers with the choice of selecting the gift as they “shop” in the collection.

Audience: customers

Exclusive: curated collections

Standout features:

  • Curated gifts from small makers, social impact creators, and artisans.

  • Option to customize your logo and content within the e-card.

  • Send gift collections to thousands of people simultaneously. Website is a platform and marketplace for enterprises looking to buy gifts directly from vendors or customize gifting on-demand. Senders can either pre-select a gift for recipients or give them the power of picking a gift from a designated selection. It's versatile platform organizes contacts, gifting progress, and product catalog rules.

Audience: employees, clients

Exclusive: high level of branding customization available

Standout features:

  • Customize the types of products available for your company catalog and set rules for excluding certain product types.

  • Variety of “Shop By” options including turnaround time, interest, brand, occasions, and minimum quantity

  • Offers custom gift assembly with branding and warehousing and fulfillment capabilities.

The Thriving Box Co

Thriving Box Co Website

Corporate gift box and care package specialists, The Thriving Box Co are relatively new in the corporate gifting industry. Their gifts are sourced locally throughout the UK and shipped worldwide. They offer themed boxes supporting social causes to ensure that all types of business owners get noticed for their impact on the world.

Audience: employees, customers, clients

Exclusive: complete customization from products to packaging

Standout features:

  • Support local independent businesses in the UK

  • Offers themed boxes supported specific social causes

  • Fully customizable but preparation time may vary

Each gifting platform offers special features separating themselves from each other. Find which one fits your company.

Top 9 Corporate Gifting Platforms in 2021
Victoria Pi

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