Back to Office — The Best Time to Practice Corporate Gifting
Back to Office — The Best Time to Practice Corporate Gifting
"For it is giving that we receive.” — St. Francis of Assisi
Back to Office — The Best Time to Practice Corporate Gifting
David Chen
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In the times of pandemic, many companies decide to let employees work from home. As COVID-19 finally becomes less severe in some regions of the world, it is about time the workers are going to be back to office. It almost goes without saying that employer-employee relationship is one of the most crucial factor of the success of a company. It is the perfect time to prepare a personalized welcome back gift for your employees, stakeholders, and even clients.

Having that said… What is corporate gifting? Why is it important? And why is NOW the perfect time to practice corporate gifting?

What Corporate Gifting is

Let’s talk about gifting first. The practice of gifting is important in both Western and Eastern traditions. We give gifts to our loved ones during New Years, Valentine’s Days, Christmas, and many other special dates worth remembering.

Gifting allows us to enhance the relationships between others and ourselves. This makes gifting not only for personal uses but business uses as companies are trying to build all kinds of positive relationships with stakeholders, clients, employees, etc. When the sending and receiving gifts process takes place in corporate culture, it is called — Corporate Gifting.

Why Corporate Gifting is Important

— benefits of corporate gifting

As the former contributor of, Ian Altman said, “It’s always a good idea to show clients your gratitude.” No matter who the clients are, a simple, tiny gesture of appreciation can result in major benefits for a company. Take financial services for example, “a 5% increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit,” according to Fred Reichheld, the author of the book Loyalty Rules! How Today’s Leaders Build Lasting Relationships. He also pointed out that return costumers tend to spend more money on company’s products over time. Making sure high costumer retention rate and focusing on building loyal relationships therefore deserve much of your attention.

One of the best ways to maintain the relationship between a company and its clients is sending gifts. It has been a trend for several years in the business world. A survey conducted by Cartwright & Butler, a British luxury food and gifting company, indicated that 95% of businesses in England value gifting as an essential part of their business strategies.

In addition to having a beneficial relationship with clients, corporate gifting creates great company cohesion between employers and employees. Statistics from 2018 where over 1,500 workers were surveyed, showed that 94% of the employees would feel appreciated and staff satisfaction depends heavily on whether the gift is appropriately chosen for individuals. Another survey conducted by HealthAdvocate also told us that one of the key factors for employee engagement is physical gift, with 54% of the respondents suggesting. Manifestly, gifting as a reward is a way to encourage workers.

While corporate gifting seems to have great potential of the growth of a company, there are downsides as well…

Drawbacks of Corporate Gifting

— and ways to solve them


Almost every decision made in a company can lead to an increase in budget, and corporate gifting is no exception. However, as we all understand the importance of gifting, and that the cost to be spent is unavoidable, what we should be considering is what we can do to choose the perfect gift so that it will create the biggest value.

Instead of cutting down on budget of corporate gifting, think of ways to choosing the best gift.

Time Consumption

Another disadvantage, perhaps the most notorious one, is the inestimable time spent when HRs or Sales are trying to find gifts for each employee or client. This problem often times is solved when companies decide to give SWAG gifts like water bottles, toiletries, houseware, or gift cards. But this needs to be stopped. Inappropriate gifts not only CANNOT get you the results you want, it may have opposite effects.

Spend time on choosing gifts, find ways to rise efficiency.

Choosing of Gifts

The last annoying point of corporate gifting is choosing of gifts. Except that picking gifts is time consuming, there are more to be considered, which in the end costs us even more time to finish the whole process. Who are you sending the gifts to? What are his/her personal interests? Where should you buy the gifts? When do you have the time to pick up the gifts and send the gifts to them? How to deliver the gifts? What to do when our clients are abroad or employees are remote-working? These are just some of the most common questions we should have in mind when we are picking gifts for the important ones. The list can still go on…

Try best to think of everything thoroughly to make the recipient happy

Your Best Corporate Gifting Experience

Currently there are many corporate gifting companies that can help you to minimize the workload when you pick gifts. While among them, one problem I observe is that these companies offer “personalized SWAG gifts”. In some circumstances, although the gifts can be customized, the budget behind and the time it took is innumerable. What’s worse? You don’t even know if your clients or employees are gonna like it or not!

Hence, I want to share with you a perfect solution: Giftpack AI. Giftpack AI is an AI-powered enterprise providing gifting service to send personalized corporate gifts to any customer or employee in the world with just one click. You can find out more about how it works here.

  • No pressure on budgeting. Budget control on your call.
  • No more extra working time just to pick a gift that you don’t know if the recipient likes it.
  • No need to worry about recipients’ social lives, let the scrapers and database do the work.

Perfect Solution for Corporate Gifting

The Perfect Time to Practice Corporate Gifting

Remember I mentioned that now is the perfect time to practice corporate gifting? With the impacts of COVID-19, employees may have depression WFM, or even in the office they may feel depressed. Of course, it is a difficult time to keep good relationships with clients, too. Giftpack is well-prepared as the Giftpackers are conscious of all the pandemic prevention. Despite the shadow of pandemic, some parts of the world are recovering. As your company is ready to invite your employees back to office, why not prepare a personalized welcome back gift for EVERY EACH of them? I promise, you’ll be surprised by the result.

Back to Office — The Best Time to Practice Corporate Gifting
David Chen

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