Why You Should Start Employee Gifting with Gifting Automation
Why You Should Start Employee Gifting with Gifting Automation
Are you thinking about gifting automation? You’ve come to the right place.
Why You Should Start Employee Gifting with Gifting Automation
David Chen
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“Employee gifting.”

How do you make sense of this term? Do you think of it as a huge project? Do adjectives like “time-consuming” or “automated” pop up in your mind? That’s normally the reactions a lot of managers and/or heads of teams have from what we’ve heard.

No joke. Traditional employee gifting is unimaginably time-consuming. We understand most of the decision makers in charge of gifting may still not be aware of the enormous cost behind it. Therefore in this article, we list out the benefits of AI employee gifting, namely, gifting automation, and hope that this list will either convince you yourself, or help you find different ways to persuade your boss to start the transition from traditional gifting to the future of gifting — gifting automation with AI.

The Idea of Gifting Automation

No matter which culture you are from, gifting is a tradition in the business world, and has been seen as one of the most effective ways of nurturing relationships, be it employees, clients, or customers. Conventionally, there are general two ways to personalize your gifts with a huge amount of gifting needs: either you spend time knowing each person’s personalities, habits, etc, checking on Amazon to pick personalized gift one-by-one (i.e. you’re the personalization part), and ordering them respectively; or, there’s a much simpler way of doing this, sending all-the-same gifts at once with “fake personalization,” like printing his/her faces or names on the product, so you have tons of time saved. Both ways don’t seem to be ideal, do they? That’s why we come up with the idea of automating the process of gifting.

Top 4 benefits of employee gifting with AI:

  1. Personalization

  2. Scalability

  3. Budget Control

  4. Efficiency

Gifting automation is the new trend of employee gifting


Traditionally, customization is a time-consuming process, but is definitely a way to represent how much you value the gift receivers. No matter of the size of your company is, when you want to launch a gifting campaign, we highly encourage you to really put in the efforts to personalize EVERY SINGLE GIFT you’re about to send. Instead of sending all of your receivers a mark with company’s logo on it, replace it with personalized gift tailored to each person. Consider their individual personalities, interests, hobbies, age, favorite colors, as many things as you can. That’s how you show your attitude and respect with a meaningful gift. With gifting automation, we’ve considered all those for you the moment you start the gifting journey.


The best part about the automated gifting service is its scalability. Orders ranging from 1 for VVIP, to 2,500 employee gifting campaign (and even more), why not just let the technology do the job for you? Worrying about managing this big number at once might turn into a mess? No worries. All-in-one dashboard is there to help you from the beginning to the end: launching the campaign, confirming the gifts by receivers, delivering, tracking, and finally reviewing!

From AI picking gifts to recipients receiving and reviewing, all in one dashboard will do the work for you!

Budget Control — Money Saved

Does using gifting automation cost you more when compared to traditional gifting? Well, the simple answer is a highly possible “YES”, but maybe not as much as you think. Depending on the number of gifts you’re sending, you know exactly how much money you’ll be spending monthly. There’s no need to open up an Excel file calculating all the gifting fees, including the gift itself, delivery fees, and sometimes custom fees. You are on control of every penny you spend in the all-in-one user-friendly dashboard.

Control your budget with complete transparency

Efficiency (time saved)

If you are in charge of employee gifting, and you are also a believer of the saying “time is money,” there’s really no reason you should do it the old-school way. Say you have 200 gifts for holiday campaign, and you’re a perfectionist that you want to personalize all the gifts you’re about to send. You spend 5 minutes chit-chatting (or doing simple research) with each of your employees to know them better. Then you spend just 10 minutes picking each gift. Lastly, you spend (under ideal situation) 10 minutes finishing all the latter processes (ordering, confirming, delivering, and reviewing if you have a system for it.) That’s 200 x 5 + 200 x 10 + 200 x 10 = 1400 minutes (almost a whole 24-hr-day!) Simple calculation, right? With gifting automation, you’re about to send 200 gifts within 30 minutes. And I promise you, 30 minutes may just be too much for you when you’re comfortable using the platform. 30 minutes and 1400 minutes! Just imagine how much time is saved because of this simple transition from traditional gifting to AI gifting!

All-in-one dashboard allows you to track your gifts

Gifting Automation? Giftpack

All these 4 major benefits combined — we are an AI-powered business gifting platform that provides real personalization at scale. We make the concierge corporate gifting service just one-click away. That’s the vision of Giftpack and the future of corporate gifting for sure.

If you’ve ever thought of gifting automation, please don’t hesitate to knock on our door. Simply fill in a form, or even type your messages in the chatbot we implemented on our website, our team will always be there answering your inquiries.

Thinking about gifting? Giftpack.

David Chen - Digital Marketer @Giftpack Inc.
wrote during a quiet night in Bayreuth, Germany.
Why You Should Start Employee Gifting with Gifting Automation
David Chen

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