Data Privacy & Product Updates 2021 Q4 — Major Updates at Giftpack
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Data Privacy & Product Updates 2021 Q4 — Major Updates at Giftpack

Data privacy is Giftpack’s first priority in serving their clients. Giftpack upgrades privacy standards for AI users.

David Chen

David Chen

Jun 8th 20233 min read

data privacy upgrade

Giftpack Accomplishes SoC 2 Certificate with Vanta to Improve Data Privacy Security

Since Giftpack AI was launched in summer 2020, one of the major concerns holding our team back from getting more clients has been data privacy and security. We totally understand the concern considering that we are an artificial intelligence company, and the technology is still relatively new for many of the people.

In order to make sure we provide high standards in data privacy and security, we have been preparing for an application of the SOC 2 certificate. In plain English, a SOC2 audit ensures that the company stores customer’s data in a well-designed and secure place.

In 2021 Q4, Giftpack AI has successfully gained the SOC 2 Type 1 certificate with security company Vanta. To provide a more thoroughly secured service, we are aiming at getting SOC2 Type 2 certificate within the next 6 months in 2022, as the Type 2 certificate requires a 6-month monitoring evaluation process.

It is expected that before the end of 2022 Q2, Giftpack AI will have compliance with all SOC 2 Type 1 & Type 2, and GDPR regulations.

Product Update: A More Complete User Experience

Introducing Marketplace Redeemer

Acknowledging flaws in the product is the first step toward better improvements. At the early stage of the AI model, it is impossible for it to generate 100% accurate gift recommendations. With some feedback from the customers, the engineering team has come up with a solution to the problem.

At this moment, your gift recipients can have **3.2 million kinds of product to choose from **if they are not satisfied with their personalized top 5 options generated by AI. They can simply go onto the platform and select from all the gifts they see, as we adjust the frontend options based on each of recipients’ available budget.

More Customizations Are Available for Customized Campaign Design

Despite being firm believers of personalized gifts, we know some clients may still want a way to show their company logos somewhere in the gifting process. We understand how important it is to nurture your brand awareness and employee loyalty.

Responding to user requests, you are now able to customize your gifting campaign with a lot more options. You can enter your preferred **Sender Domain, Sender Name, Quiz Selections, Message editors, Multi-language Support **and more!

An Upgrade on Platform Operation

AI technology is the core of Giftpack AI. We want to build a gifting engine everyone can access. By analyzing more individual preferences from gift recipients, you are all a part of the fur of gifting. Our product team is thrilled to announce that AI-generated personal tags of every recipient profile is available! You can expect to see an even more accurate result after adding personal tags for your recipients.

Apart from the AI product, we also want to make sure the campaign manager can guide through the platform with ease. We introduced Support PIN security to provide better customer support. Whenever you encounter a problem on the platform, easily use that code and we will be there for you to provide a better customer service experience.

Lastly, as we mentioned in the social impact page, we send warmth not only to business people, but to those in need. 116+ NGOs are added to our donation network. Your gift recipients can now directly donate the budget they have to their appointed charity.

Celebrate the Lunar New Year Together

From 2020 to 2021, the number of team members at Giftpack AI dropped to 11 from around 30 teammates. The decision to downsize the team was made after thorough inspections and considerations.

Currently, we have more than half of the team members based in Asia, and most of us are from Taiwan, South Korea, and China. As we summarize the achievements and major updates of the last quarter in February 2022, we also took the opportunity of this special time of the year to celebrate the Lunar New Year together.

No matter where we are around the world, our team gathered together virtually on Zoom and shared how we spent the holiday. On behalf of the whole Giftpack AI team, we wish you a Happy New Year and great year to come!

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David Chen

David Chen

Jun 8th 20233 min read

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