The Guide to Gifting for Clients - The Do's and Don'ts for Your Client Gifting Strategy
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The Guide to Gifting for Clients - The Do's and Don'ts for Your Client Gifting Strategy

It is not a secret that gifting for clients can be beneficial in terms of maintaining a good relationship with clients. However, more often than not people are not that familiar with client gifting. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts to gifting for clients!

Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

May 8th 20237 min read

In most corporate cultures, gifting is extremely important, whether it is acknowledging a loyal customer, rewarding a hard-working employee, appreciating a partnered vendor, enhancing the relationship with a client, or reaching out to a prospect. All mentioned are good cases and timing to gift.

And yes! Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially when they are getting the things they actually want! Receiving gifts makes people feel special, thus happy. A study shows that 53% of recipients appreciate the time and effort that is put into any gift. Now you can see why gifting is so crucial to creating long-term and stable relationships.

This article will mainly focus on gifting for clients. Gifting for clients works on the same principles for gifting in general. It is obvious that a happy customer will be more satisfied with your business. And happier customers or clients basically means higher chances for positive feedback on your service or business, which is one of the leading factors for a boost in your ROI. Here is an article about how corporate and client gifting can lead to a positive ROI.

Although gifting for clients works largely the same as gifting for anyone, there are still a few different things that will require extra attention. In this article, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts for client gifting. Utilize the information and build a good gifting for client strategy!

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Why is Gifting for Clients Important?

Imagine someone always shows you that he/she cares about you, will it be easy for you to remember this person? Will you be more likely to talk to or be engaged with this person? The answer is most likely yes. In the case of running a business, It is exactly the same. If you show your clients that you care about them and are always ready to help, they will definitely be more comfortable with you. When your clients receive gifts from you, they are going to remember you.

When it comes to maintaining a great relationship, what better way is there than sending a personalized gift to show your clients that they are always on your mind?

Gifts are a great way for conveying your helpfulness and goodwill to your current or prospective clients. Let’s look at two very interesting statistics:

  • According to a survey by Forbes, over 80% of companies said gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients, with 48% saying gifting delivered a substantial benefit.
  • According to a report by Truly, 80% of consumers indicate a greater inclination to do business with a company that offers incentives in the form of personalized experiences.

These facts are enough to tell us that gifting for clients is extremely important. But in more detail, they tell us that most of the companies that conduct corporate gifting in any form build better and sturdier relationships with their clients. In addition, If gifts for clients are personalized, people feel even more inclined to be in business with the company.

Check out how to send personalized gifts for your clients at ease with Giftpack AI Gifting Solution.

Another benefit for client gifting is brand awareness! In case of promotional gifts, adding your brand’s logo or contact information in the gifts that are sent to your clients can help spread awareness about your business. For example, sending COVID19 care packages to your client with a logo printed postcard to indirectly make your business a part of the experience. They will know that all these goodies are from you and will be thinking of you.

A little summary, gifting for clients are great for two important reasons: Building a strong relationship with your clients and promoting your brand awareness.

Dos for Client Gifting

Consider the Your Audience

Before you send any gifts at all, you must first know your audience. Learn about your client and understand their company and structure so you can choose more appropriate gifts. In order to make a good impression, you will have to understand what kinds of gifts will be able to create a positive image for your business. While many companies choose to send office stationeries for corporate gifting, making sure that your client can resonate with the gifts you sent can show them that you care, which will help increase their interest in your business.

Consider Your Clients’ Company Cultures

Different companies will have a different set of cultures and values. Also, companies in different countries will have different perspectives on rules regarding client-gifting. Once you know your clients better you can conduct research about the various gifting and holiday traditions of your clients and of various countries, especially in the case of multinational companies. Being sensitive towards your clients’ cultures will not only ensure a strong bond between your client and you, but also show that you are careful and that you take actions after thorough consideration.

Consider Your Clients’ Company Policies

Another important thing is the gift-receiving policies for your clients’ companies. Before you start looking for gifts for your clients, go to their website or ask their HR on their company policies regarding receiving corporate gifts. There are many compliance departments that require the gifts received by their employees to be priced under a certain amount. Any gift that is valued at or more, they will not be able to take them. Others might not have any restrictions, but it is usually a wise choice to contact HR first and learn about their policies.

Consider Personalized Gifting Options

At this point, all things are settled. You can focus on finding the right gifts for your clients. Although the very action of sending gifts to your clients can already help with bonding, as mentioned earlier, 80% of the people who received personalized gifts are more likely to conduct business with the company sending them the gifts. It is definitely a better idea to tailor your gifts. Here are some suggestions:

  • Utilize the things you learn about your clients, you will be able to find a personalized gift easier. But, if you are still facing difficulties, you can learn about Giftpack AI Gifting Solution and see how it works.
  • Add a hand-written note along with every gift you are sending to your clients.
  • Add a sentence or two about your client in the note to create a positive image of your business.

Consider Your Gift Timing

Timing for every gift is important, whether you are planning on sending festive, holiday-themed, anniversary, appreciation, or recognition gifts to your clients, it is important to plan ahead. Maybe even a few months ahead, so you have enough time to order them, pack them, personalize them, and send them. Once again, if you are using Giftpack AI Gifting Solution, everything will be taken care of from learning your client to delivering the gift to their doorstep.

dos for client gifting

Don’ts for Client Gifting

Send Gifts with the Wrong Information

This means any information you obtained for your client gifting campaign must be correct. You would be surprised that many businesses actually make the common mistake of spelling their clients’ names wrong. It might seem like a very minor precaution, but it is rather important to spell your clients’ names right! It gives a feeling of indifference and that you are just trying to get it over with if you spell your clients’ name incorrectly. Other things such as addresses are important for delivery, and levels of positions to show that you actually know who you are sending the gifts to. Details are key to client gifting, it will take you a long way!

Send Overly Branded the Gifts

While being interest oriented is great for a business, it shouldn't apply to gifting for your clients. What many businesses are doing wrong nowadays is that they think about themselves too much when they conduct a client gifting strategy. The gifts you send your clients should be all about them, with a small reminder of who they’re from, that is all.

Send Overly Exaggerated Gifts to Your Clients

Gifts are all about establishing a personal connection. One might think that an elaborate gift or a luxury gift sounds like a good idea to pull the relationship closer, but sometimes that is not the case. There is no guarantee whether your client would like a gift or not. Sometimes, clients are happy to receive an exaggerated gift. But oftentimes, classy gifts are a lot more effective than expensive ones. It is risky to send your clients a lavish gift without doing any homework to know your client a little better.

Send the Same Gift to All Your Clients

It is obvious that when you are sending gifts you are sending it to many of your clients at the same time. It is highly unrecommended to send all of your clients the same gift for two reasons: The appeal of a personal touch will be lost and it might affect your word-of-mouth. When your clients know that everyone is getting the same gift, they won’t feel as special anymore, which loses sight of the whole point of gifting. And more, clients probably talk among themselves. Just imagine what they will say to each other when they all find out that you sent the same gift to every single client.

Send Too “Personalized” Gifts to your Clients

As we emphasize over and over, creating a personal connection with your clients is a very crucial aspect of client-gifting. You must send personalized gifts to your clients in order to make them feel special. But some businesses overkill this idea and send out gifts that are extremely personalized, such as jewelry or clothes. This is actually not a great idea, you must think about maintaining a healthy professional relationship with your clients, and set a boundary so you don’t overstep it. One good way is to let your clients have a choices on the level of personalization, Giftpack’s AI Gifting Solution is specially designed for this. The AI technology will take care of the gift selections and an email will be sent to the recipients to let them choose the gifts they would like to receive from 5 to 8 final options.

donts for client gifting

Many of the businesses think about how to squeeze more revenue out of their clients, but they often forget to give back. And when time passes, the relationships will just be harder and harder to maintain.

That is why gifting to clients is so important. And it is not as hard as you might think. If you can stick to the Do’s while avoiding the Don’ts mentioned above, then you are doing a good job and will soon see a great result!

Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

May 8th 20237 min read

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