Fact: High Employee Satisfaction Drives High Productivity - 4 Tips to Improve Your Employee Satisfaction with Gifts
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Fact: High Employee Satisfaction Drives High Productivity - 4 Tips to Improve Your Employee Satisfaction with Gifts

Companies have realized that high employee satisfaction can directly impact the performance and results of business growth, so they are trying their very best to do that. If you are also looking to increase employee satisfaction, take a look at how you can do it with gifting.

Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

Jun 10th 20225 min read

Employee satisfaction is a crucial metric to keep in mind when tracking the pulse of a business. Different businesses have different terms for it, whether they're referring to employee engagement or just general job satisfaction. But ultimately, it will be a key factor in the growth of a business.

A study at the University of Warwick shows that happiness made employees around 12% more productive, while unhappy workers are shown to be 10% less productive.

Employee satisfaction is absolutely one of the key components when it comes to running a business. It can affect not only productivity, but also things such as employee retention, creativity, and communication, and possibly even more. That is why employers aim to make their employees happy.

Many of them actually utilize gifting as one of their main strategies to increase employee satisfaction. When done right, employee gifting can really be a powerful tool for businesses to make a great impression on their employees.

In this article, Giftpack go over what is employee satisfaction and how it’s measured, as well as revealing 6 tips on how to utilize employee gifting to boost your employee satisfaction!

Understanding Employee Satisfaction to Make a Difference

Before you learn how to raise employee satisfaction, you must first understand what it is and how it is actually measured .

What is Employee Satisfaction?

Basically, employee satisfaction is a term that is used to describe if employees are happy and how well the company is fulfilling their employees’ desires and needs. But in a wider term used by the Human Capital industry, employee satisfaction describes how satisfied employees are with the following elements:

  • Compensation
  • Workload
  • Attitudes
  • Work-life balance
  • Staff relationships
  • Working environment
  • Company culture

With these 7 attributes, you can usually have a solid idea of whether your employees are feeling satisfied working for you.

How is Employee Satisfaction measured?

businessman looking at graphs and measurements

As mentioned, employee satisfaction is one key metric that can help determine the overall pulse of an organization, which is why many organizations conduct regular surveys to measure employee satisfaction and track the trends over time. A high satisfaction level shows that employees are happy with how their employer treats them.

Much like collecting customer feedback, surveys are a great way to gather information from employees to improve their own experience and working environment as well as the productivity of your teams.

Typically, it will be a series of questions scaling from 1 to 5 (or 1 to 10), the bigger the number the more satisfied they are. Here are 20 questions that SurveyMonkey put together to help employers better measure employee satisfaction and understand what they are missing.

If you haven’t thought about your own questions, utilize these 20 questions as a starting point and build your customized questionnaire.

Why Is Employee Gifting Important to Raising Satisfaction?

Yes, gifting is secretly one of the best ways to improve employee satisfaction. Although, many employees will say that “I would rather take cash!” But when they actually receive a gift that makes them feel special or appreciated, they will definitely appreciate it more than putting a few more dollars in their accounts.

When it comes to providing what an employee needs according to the 7 attributes mentioned earlier, it requires a lot of compromise and communication. Other than that, companies at different stages will also face different challenges. For example, it would be hard for a startup company to provide compensation that exceeds what an enterprise can offer. On the other hand, It would be hard for enterprises to maintain the relationships between such a big group of people.

But employee gifting bypasses these barriers. Regardless of the industry or stage of your company, there is nothing that can stop you from sending a gift to your employees. This is why many companies are enhancing their employee gifting.

Secondly, when your employees receive a gift from you, you as the employer, have made an impression.

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4 Tips to Improve Your Employee Satisfaction with Gifts

bricks table with the word tips

When you are conducting your corporate employee gifting, you should make sure:

Your gifts are tailored to your employees’ interests or needs You tell your employees what is the occasion Gifts are sent to the front doors of your employees Ask your employees for their feedback

When you are able to implement these 4 tips, you will be able to make the gift receiving experience for your employees more memorable.

Tailored / Customized Gifts

Much like any corporate gifting campaign, the plan is to make your recipient feel that they are important to you.

When you send gifts to someone, there is nothing better than a customized gift that is specially tailored towards the recipient’s needs or interests. It goes to show that you know them, and care about them enough to make an effort on finding the gifts that theyl will appreciate.

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Tell Them the Reason for Sending the Gifts

Most people like to be surprised when they receive a gift, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t tell them why you are sending them a wonderful gift.

Regardless of the occasion, you should always let your recipient know why you are sending gifts to them because this way they don’t get confused. Whether it is a company anniversary where everyone in the company will most likely receive a not so personalized gift or it is a personal milestone gift that goes to show them they are being valued in the company.

Deliver the Gifts to Recipient’s Home

With the COVID19 situation, it could be hard for people to go into the office. Or people simply have the option to choose working from home. It is better to send the gifts to their home for safety and convenience.

Imagine your friend tells you that he got you a very nice gift that you’ve always wanted. You are probably very happy at this point. But he goes on to tell you that you have to come get it at his place a few miles away. Yes, you might think that that’s not a big deal, he already got me a nice gift. But how does it feel if the gift is already at your doorstep compared to having to go pick it up yourself.

This is a small gesture that can make your recipient feel even happier without them knowing.

Ask for Feedback

The main reason to ask for feedback, goes without saying, is to improve your gifting strategy in the future. But when you do that, you are showing your recipient(in this case, your employees) that you care about what they think and you want to make it better for them.

Employee satisfaction can truly be affected by the right gift at the right time. Follow the above 4 tips to make a change in your employee gifting.

If you want to make your corporate gifting easier but more influential, check out this article: 【Top 9 Corporate Gifting Platforms in 2022】. You will be able to find the platform that best suits your gifting needs. Or you can book a call with us to learn more.

Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

Jun 10th 20225 min read

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