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10 Unique Gift Websites that You Should Know in 2022
10 Unique Gift Websites that You Should Know in 2022
Anything but ordinary gifts this year.
10 Unique Gift Websites that You Should Know in 2022
May 24th 2022 4 min read

Anything but ordinary gifts this year.

Getting a gift for someone is never an easy task but the time and effort for the search is what makes the gift so special. We all have experienced cluelessness when it comes to picking a gift. Maybe your loved ones are hard to please, you feel like they already have everything, or you have known them too long that all kinds of gifts seem repetitive. As Valentine’s day is approaching, the list of unique gifts website below might inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and try something different this year.

Urban Outfitters

One of the most loved fashion brands by millennials does not only sell clothes. The “Home” and “Lifestyle” categories are a wonderland if you’re looking for a quirky present. Whether you are looking for a record player, a pair of roller skates, you will find something for your “too cool for school” friends.

Urban Outfitters

Food 52

Got a friend who loves cooking? Food 52 is an online community where food lovers exchange recipes and share their passion for cooking. The website also provides gorgeous-looking kitchenwares that are not only pleasant to look at but also make the cooking process even more enjoyable as they are approved by the in-house food editors. They even launched their own brand if your food-obsessed friends love colorful yet minimal kitchenwares.

Food52 Shop - Staub Cookware & Kitchen Cooking Products, Pans, Knives, Cutting Boards & More

Not On The High Street

From whisky glasses to jewelry, art prints to planners, the personalized gift shop provides numerous gift choices that are made to be customized by order. Add your beloved ones’ initials or favorite color to make the gift truly one of a kind. Just like the name suggests, these gifts won’t be something that you can easily find on the street.

Personalised Gifts | Engraved Presents |


A Frenchman who based in Hong Kong longed for a tasteful lifestyle select boutique but couldn’t find one in the city. So he opened one. The shop aims to bring “future classics” to Asia but who doesn’t appreciate the “French chic” and unpretentious approach to fashion and design goods?

kapok | a selection of future classics

Uncommon Goods

Bubble tea kit? Periodic Table of States Platter? All the things that they do not know that they need until they get them. Uncommon Goods knows the struggle of getting a unique gift so the website selects uncommon items that will surprise your giftees.

New Products: Cool New Items

Soko Glam

Repeat after me: Skincare is self-care. As Korean skincare is sweeping the beauty scene, it might be hard for some to purchase Korean skincare products as most of the skincare brands haven’t been officially launched in western countries. Soko Glam is heaven for skincare lovers as it features not-so-common Korean brands such as Then I Met You, Hanskin, and Good (Skin) Days.

Soko Glam — Korean Skin Care, Beauty & Makeup Products


MoMA design store is an extension of The Museum of Modern Art in the U.S. Perfect for people who have a keen eye on design and architecture. Each item at the store product is evaluated by MoMA’s curatorial department and must fit with their vision of good design so you can say it’s a fool-proof place to shop for unique gifts.

MoMA Design Store | Modern and Contemporary Home Décor, Art and Accessories

Cloud 9 Living

Some people prefer to experience rather than physical gifts and that’s totally cool. Cloud 9 Living provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as hot balloon rides, glider rides, skydiving, or leisure trips such as wine and food tours in Napa Valley. You can search for the experience gift depending on where your giftee lives. The gift receivers will find this kind of gift unique and memorable for sure.

Cloud 9 Living: Experience Gifts & Experience Gift Ideas in the USA

Out of Print

Sometimes, a thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. A gift related to their favorite timeless classics (Star Wars and Harry Potter-themed items, anyone?) is equally heartwarming. From t-shirts to face masks, Out of Print has book lovers covered.

Classic Canvas Book Tote Bags | Out of Print


Etsy needs no introduction but it holds a special place in our hearts. Creative and crafty vendors make the most wonderful enamel pins, customized art prints, bath bombs and so much more. You’re guaranteed to find a unique handcrafted gift that fits your budget.

Etsy — Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts for everyone

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10 Unique Gift Websites that You Should Know in 2022
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