19 Unique Ways to Show Employee Appreciation
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19 Unique Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Employees are the backbone of any organization or business. To make sure your company grows, you must first make sure you have great relationships with your employees. Showing employee appreciation is the best way to do that! Check out 19 unique ways to show employee appreciation.

Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

Oct 21st 20239 min read

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Employees are the backbone of any organization or business. Just like everyone else around us crave appreciation, employees do too. Whether working from home or on-site, employees look for connection and appreciation.

This article focuses on employee appreciation, why organizations should opt for it, ideas on how to do it, and how employee gifting can be an excellent way for employee appreciation. Employee appreciation goes a long way, But as Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner, it is a good chance for you to show how grateful you are to your employees. Giftpack has put together 19 unique ways to show your employees appreciation. Read on to find out what you can do.

If you are thinking about making Employee Appreciation Day awesome and remarkable, follow our Guide to Creating A Successful Employee Appreciation Day.

What Is Employee Appreciation?

Employees are an integral part of any organization. Acknowledging and rewarding their contributions to the business is essential. The simple act of recognizing the contributions of your employees is termed employee appreciation.

Why Businesses Must Show Employee Appreciation?

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Employee appreciation is important for any workplace as it shows employees that they are valued. This leads to a more positive environment, boosts their morale and encourages them to work harder. Study shows that happy employees tend to lead a company toward increased revenues.

The founder of Starbucks once said, "Treating employees benevolently shouldn't be viewed as an added cost that cuts into profits, but as a powerful energizer that can grow the enterprise into something far greater than one leader could envision."

The following 4 reasons are why you should take employee appreciation as seriously as you can:

It Creates a Stronger Company Culture

The quality of an employee's job is influenced by their sense of worth. They not only feel better, but it also makes them feel more confident. Additionally, it will inspire others to express gratitude to their coworkers and employees. The various teams and departments of the company will develop a culture of gratitude as a result, creating a productive workplace that employees will find difficult to leave.

It Increases Loyalty

An association between the employee and the organization can be created with the aid of employee appreciation. It is a fantastic technique to provide fresh and original forms of communication that are different from the usual daily exchanges. When workers feel valued, they are more likely to stick with the company and not look for another job.

Employees Become Brand Advocates

Employees will inevitably become brand ambassadors for the organization once they begin to share their positive experiences with it. There is a good likelihood that more people would want to join, which would open the door for the organization to hire additional talented individuals. The company will receive the recognition it desires from the rest of the world when employees become brand ambassadors.

Improves Performance

According to a study, workers who feel appreciated are 52% more productive than those who do not. Employees who feel appreciated are more motivated and concentrated on their jobs. In addition to fostering a healthy work environment, employee appreciation elevates situations to the point where it has a direct bearing on the expansion of the business. Employee satisfaction and positivity will make the turnaround automatically impressive. An increase in performance and productivity will result in business expansion and more profitability.

Unique Ways To Show Employee Appreciation

All employees should be appreciated, no matter what the organization or business. It doesn't matter how an organization decides to appreciate its employees, the important thing is that it is genuine and thoughtful. There are many different ideas on how to thank your team.

From daily tokens of appreciation to marking special occasions, here are some great ways to genuinely appreciate employees in a workplace.

Small Tokens to Show Employee Appreciation

Sometimes a little step goes a long way; here are some low-budget ways to appreciate your employees.

1. Start All Meetings With Acknowledgment

Start every meeting by recognizing the efforts of your employees. It's a small effortless gesture but something that your employees will appreciate because what better way than to start mornings with a bit of positivity? The themes can range from appreciating additional efforts and acknowledging workers for coming up with creative ideas and business plans to recognizing exceptional customer support and client dealing.

2. Celebrate Milestones of Individual Employees

Employees will undoubtedly feel valued if personal milestones are celebrated. Sending a little card and gift to celebrate a milestone in an employee's life, such as when they graduated from high school, had a kid, participated in a charity run, or got married, is a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

3. Give Thank You Notes

While some may feel that a thank you note is very simple and won't make an effect, the truth is that living in the digital era has made paper notes valuable, whether it is a small sticky note on their office desk or a thank you card, this small token will make a huge impact.

4. Share Achievements On Company's Hall Of Fame

Employees will feel good about themselves and appreciated when they see their names and images in the company's hall of fame. You might go over and beyond by asking your coworkers to add their own words of appreciation beneath the image.

5. Go Public With The Appreciation

While putting up pictures of Employee Of The Month may help, publicly appreciating your employees on various social media platforms is another amazing way to make your employees feel special. You can talk about how your employees helped the company achieve a particular goal or why they deserved recognition.

6. Give Your Employees Some Extra Time Off

No one feels more valued than those who get some time off, time to do something other than work. Be it a hobby, spending time with their families or going on a mini vacation, giving your employees a much-needed break they deserve is a great way to appreciate them.

7. Offer Training Opportunities

Many of your employees would have desired to continue their education or enroll in a course to pick up new skills. Offer your staff the chance to further their education, enroll in an online course, or cross-train with their colleagues to pick up a new skill.

8. Give Your Employees A Voice

You can give them all the gift cards, small tokens or celebrations; however, the most important way to make your employees feel valued and appreciated is to listen to them. Whether it is one of their innovative ideas or a concern, it is important to actually listen to them and take action.

9. Arrange A Wellness Day

Arranging a wellness day will not only uplift the spirit of your employees, but they will feel appreciated and valued. Bringing self-care activities like on-site massages or yoga and fitness is a great way to appreciate your employees.

10. Offer Flexibility

Give them the opportunity to work from home if at all possible, or advise they arrive late if they put in additional time the previous night. Your employees will feel trusted and appreciated as a result of this additional bonus.

11. Plan a Trip

A great method to unite the team is to organize a trip. Planning a vacation is a kind gift that will make your staff feel cherished and give them the boost they need to perform at their absolute best, whether it's a trip to the beach, a night out camping with coworkers, or a short retreat to a posh hotel.

12. Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee appreciation day, which is typically observed on the first Friday of March, is another wonderful opportunity to show your appreciation for your staff. Use this day as a time to prepare, thank, and express your gratitude to your staff. There are countless alternatives, from sending straightforward thank-you notes to throwing a fantastic party.

Go to our Ultimate Guide to Employee Appreciation Day for more information.

Different Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

13. Give Treats

Surprise your employees by giving them special snacks and treats, because who doesn't like a good snack or treat? Whether it is cupcakes, muffins, or candies, surprise treats will surely brighten your employee's day and make them feel valued.

14. Take Your Staff Out To Lunch Or Dinner

Plan a lunch or supper to express gratitude for your team's efforts, whether you are working in small groups or with a big group. It is great to occasionally have conversations about issues outside of the workplace; you never know, you might come up with a brilliant idea over fries and a burger.

15. Give A Financial Incentive

Almost everyone likes a bit of financial incentive, and giving it to your employees is a great way to encourage them to do their best. It can be anything from a gift card to a bigger bonus to value and recognize their hard work and efforts.

16. Have a Trophy

A positive culture is demonstrated by employees having a little fun at work, which some people may find amusing. Every sport has a championship trophy, which is often passed from one champion to the next. Why not apply the same concept to the workplace? If a worker accomplishes his objective, he receives the trophy and is allowed to give it to other team members who have made progress.

17. Upgrade The Office Space

It will not only have a great effect on the environment if you enhance your employees' workspaces, but you will also be able to demonstrate to them how much you cherish and appreciate their contribution to the success of your company. Redesigning the workplace space may demand financial investment, but it will positively affect the growth of your company. Sitting in the same place again can occasionally cause boredom and demotivation.

18. Make Video to Celebrate an Employee

With high-tech phones, it is easy for anyone to make great make videos and take pictures. Take this as an opportunity to celebrate your employees. You can create videos of workers who have reached a particular work goal or finished a project before its deadline.

Enhance this initiative further by using tools such as a video caption generator, add subtitles to video, or an auto subtitle generator. For instance, VEED is a practical platform for these tasks, enabling subtitles to be easily incorporated in the video, making it more accessible. Fostering inclusivity can stimulate a broader audience including those with hearing disabilities to understand the video's content.

19. A Monthly Subscription

Who doesn't enjoy receiving a modest gift in the shape of a recurring monthly subscription? You can let your staff select from the various subscriptions offered in accordance with their preferences. As a result, staff members are reminded each month how much the organization values having them on their team.

How Employee Gifting Can Be Great For Employee Appreciation?

While you can appreciate employees with a small thank you note or a card, however, from an excited 7-year-old to a miserable old man, everyone loves receiving gifts. The thoughtfulness and time invested in a gift are genuinely appreciated by the receiver. While there are other various ways to appreciate employees, giving gifts to them is one of the best because no matter whether a gift is small or large, it has a great impact.

Spending money on employee reward programs or appreciation gifts is a great way to make them feel positive, valued, and appreciated. A successful business is not only one that makes a profit but also creates an environment where workers are valued and their hard work is acknowledged.

Recognizing the efforts of your employees is one of the many necessary leadership skills. It is one of the essential strategies to help your business grow. There is no better way to show gratitude than to give them appreciation gifts. Visualize having an environment that revolves around showing gratitude, where employees are positive and their energy levels soaring, and where productivity reaches its peak, all because of acknowledging and appreciating workers by giving them appreciation gifts.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

employee receiving gifts from his boss for employee appreciation

It is vital for businesses to appreciate and acknowledge their workers; giving employee appreciation gifts is a great way to do that. Listed below are some amazing employee appreciation ideas.

  • Customized Pen
  • Desk Vacuum
  • Table Organizer
  • A Great Lunch Box
  • Power Bank
  • Small Table Plant
  • Spa Kit
  • Massager

Whether a company comprises only 4 members or a large group of teams, it is important for every business to appreciate and acknowledge its employees. The effects of employee appreciation are vital for any organization to grow.

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Tim Kuo

Oct 21st 20239 min read

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