3 Different Types of Swag Gift Boxes! How Giftpack Can Help Make Your Gift Boxes Stand Out?
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3 Different Types of Swag Gift Boxes! How Giftpack Can Help Make Your Gift Boxes Stand Out?

Swag gifts are not good or bad, you just need to deliver the right message. Customize your swag gift box, make it look and feel different to impress your recipients! Check out some of Giftpack’s exclusive swag gift boxes.

Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

Apr 15th 20246 min read

customized swag gift boxes

Swag boxes are the most common thing you can find in business gifting. You can see it in almost every gifting situation. Companies that are doing corporate gifting are sending swags to either their employees or clients.

Sending swags to your employees or clients is not a good or bad thing. What really makes it good or bad is whether you have communicated the message correctly.

What does that mean?

It means for different situations, your gifts need not only to convey the right messages, but also make your recipients understand what you are trying to tell them. For example, when you onboard a new employee, the onboarding gifts or welcome gifts that you send should be telling them “welcome to the team, we will be your second family!” instead of “here are some things that will help you learn about us easier”.

In this article, Giftpack will go through how to make your gifts memorable and show some examples of swag gift boxes for different scenarios.

What Are Swag Boxes?

A swag box is a box that's filled with all sorts of branded merchandise and promotional products. The items inside are not necessarily extravagant or expensive, in fact they are usually budget-friendly or small, yet useful and enjoyable for the recipients. In addition, these items usually match the sender’s business brand vibe and aesthetic.

Why Do People Choose to Send Swag Boxes?

why make this choice

Purpose of Swag boxes

You might have questions like "Why should I spend money on swag boxes?", “What benefits does it bring?”, “Would people want to receive a swag box?”, etc. To answer these questions, let’s look at some of the most common reasons why employers are sending swag gift boxes:

  • Builds rapport: Swag boxes can help build rapport. When done right, It can be a way to show that you’re going above and beyond for your recipients. It shows them that you care and that you are willing to give first.
  • Promotes brand: Swag boxes can also help promote your business brand. As mentioned, swag boxes are usually filled with branded items, which means that they can essentially market your brand for you. When recipients are using the items in the swag gift boxes, they are helping you build a word-of-mouth for your awesome products.
  • Incentives: Swag boxes can also be used as an incentive to get people to complete a certain action for you. For example, you can send a swag gift box to ask potential clients to sign up on your email list. Or you can utilize a swag box to ask your own employees to complete an employee satisfaction survey. Things like that.

P.S. Customized swag gift boxes can save you a lot of time compared to personalized gifts. However, it really depends on what your goal is.

How to Make Your Swag Gifts Memorable?

There are a couple of ways to make your swag gifts memorable. One way is, of course, making the gifts useful, relevant, or meaningful to the recipients. Another way is making the gift box design pretty and focus on the quality of the gift box.

Most people sending swag gift boxes forget how important it is for outside appearance to look good and feel good(in terms of the touch). It is like when you meet someone, first impression

3 Types of Swag Gift Boxes

  • Onboarding Swag Gift Boxes
  • Care Package Swag Gift Boxes
  • Holiday Swag Gift Boxes

Let’s take a look at Giftpack’s swag gift boxes from each category above that helped many companies achieve their goals:

Onboarding Swag Gift Boxes

Basic Welcome Kits

basic welcome kits

Included gifts: Glass cup, leather notebook, high-quality pen, scented candle.

How would your recipients feel? They will feel welcomed. Useful items for your recipients on the first day of work.

Price: $50

Basic Welcome Kits Pro

basic welcome kits pro

Included gifts: Luxury leather notebook, luxury pen, business card case, scented candle.

How would your recipients feel? Sense of simplicity. Clean, very useful items in higher quality ready for your recipients.

Price: $67

All You Need Welcome Kits

all you need welcome kits

Included gifts: Notebook x2, USB drive, branded mug, customized T-shirt, leather coaster, leather wallet, high-quality pen, business card case, stickers.

How would your recipients feel? Sense of care. Many useful items to be used on a daily basis. Gives off a big family feeling: “Whatever you need, we got you!”

Price: $89

Sandbox Onboarding Boxes

sandbox onboarding boxes

Included gifts: Customized badge, customized notebook, pen, badge, personalized books.

How would your recipients feel? Sense of playfulness. Makes the recipients feel easier to break the ice and build relationships.

Price: $79

Giftpack Special Design Gift Boxes

Giftpack special design welcome gift boxes

Included gifts: High-quality coffee cup, notebook, badge, business card case, phone holder, customized cap, t-shirt, book mark.

How would your recipients feel? Sense of exclusiveness. The thoughtful gifts will allow the recipients to onboard smoothly.

Price: $118

Care Package Swag Gift Boxes

Good Night Care Packages

good night care packages

Included gifts: Eye mask, sleeping essential oil, scented night light.

How would your recipients feel? That you want to help Increase the quality of sleep for them. Shows that you care about the health of your recipients.

Price: $68

Tea Time Care Packages

tea time care packages

Included gifts: Luxury tea, high-quality cup, scented soap, wooden comb.

How would your recipients feel? That you wish to increase their quality of life for the recipients. Shows that you care about work-life balance.

Price: $78

Enjoy Your Life Care Packages

enjoy your life care packages

Included gifts: Luxury coffee cup, leather notebook, umbrella, massage apparatus.

How would your recipients feel? That you want to help them create a relaxing lifestyle. Shows you understand life is more than just work.

Price: $136

Wake Up Call Care Packages

wake up call care packages

Included gifts: specialty brewed coffee, coffee cup, snacks, soft towel, soap, scented candles.

How would your recipients feel? That you are trying to create a healthy wake up routine for them. Shows that you care about the wellbeing of your recipients.

Price: $185

You Need A Break Care Packages

you need a break care packages

Included gifts: High-quality travel water bottle, luxury tea, perfume, scented soap, candle, bluetooth speaker, bow decoration.

How would your recipients feel? That you are trying to help them relax from all the pressure in life(perfect for employees going through major events in life). Shows that you care about the mentality of your recipients to the very detail.

Price: $189

Holiday Swag Gift Boxes

Thanksgiving Swag Boxes

thankgiving swag gift boxes 1

Included gifts: Expansion of incense stone, eye mask, sleeping essential oil, travel pack essential bag.

Price: $69

thanksgiving swag gift boxes 2

Included gifts: Expansion of incense stone, sleeping essential oil, vase.

Price: $79

christmas swag gift boxes 1

Included gifts: Notebook, champagne, snacks.

Price: $129

christmas swag gift boxes 2

Included gifts: Brooch, scarf, business card case, mug.

Price: $108

Again, customize or personalize your swag gift boxes will help make them stand out. After all, everyone wants to feel special when they receive a gift from others.

Check out Giftpack AI’s gifting solution or book a call with an expert to learn more about corporate gifting.

Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

Apr 15th 20246 min read

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