Find the Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts this year!
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Find the Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts this year!

Thanksgiving gifts are the way to show extra love to your loved ones! It’s that time of the year again. Check out recommendations of Thanksgiving gifts for employees, colleagues, family, friends, and teachers!

Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

Aug 25th 20238 min read

thanksgiving with a festive setting

Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner and you must be excited to celebrate this holiday. Thanksgiving is a very special event where culturally people pay thanks for the blessings of the preceding year and the harvest. But this holiday is much more than that. This holiday is a way to thank people around you for the efforts they have done for you, for their love, support, and favors.

Most people prefer to spend this holiday with their family members, friends, colleagues, or loved ones. Special occasions like the Thanksgiving holiday are meant to be spent with people whose company you admire. If you are unable to spend time with people you are thankful for, the technology has offered the opportunity to talk to them and convey your message through audio or video call.

Besides spending time, people also make this holiday special by sending meaningful Thanksgiving gifts to the people they are thankful to.

Traditionally people buy Thanksgiving gifts for employees, friends, family members, colleagues, teachers, and others, wrap these gifts in gift covers and send these gifts such that the recipients receive the gifts before or on the Thanksgiving holiday. This effort is done to make the day of the people you admire and share your thankful feelings with them.

With evolving trends and customs, the way people used to send gifts has also evolved. Now you can find a gift online, get it wrapped, and deliver it to the person of your choice at your preferred date and time through specialized gifting companies like Giftpack.

Sending gifts is a non-verbal way of telling someone how much you care for them and how thankful you are for their efforts. You can send gifts to anyone you want to with the solution.

In this article, you will be able to learn how to pick and send Thanksgiving gifts for different groups of people!

Different Groups of People Whom You Should Send Thanksgiving Gifts to

Different groups of people will require you to consider different gift options. It takes effort and time. And sometimes, picking Thanksgiving gifts gets very challenging especially when you have other priorities on your hands.

Let’s take a look at who are the people you should be thinking about sending Thanksgiving gifts and why!

Employees & Colleagues

happy businessmen and businesswomen brainstorming ideas

Your employees or colleagues work hard around the year. Even in a hectic and tiring routine, they strive to do their best and fulfill their employment obligations.

As a corporation, it is essential to boost employees’ morale through any possible means. Sending them Thanksgiving gifts is a way of regarding and praising their efforts.

Thanksgiving gifts for employees, team members, and colleagues convey a message that you value the efforts and output that they put into their jobs. This not only helps to elevate their motivation but also pushes them to work even harder for such a caring corporation (or managers, teammates, and other cases).

With Giftpack, you can find countless gifts to thank them for their efforts in the preceding year.


happy family having fun during thanksgiving dining table

Family is the most integral part of anyone's life. There is nothing like a blood relative and the bond we share with our family is beyond explainable. Ideally, people spend Thanksgiving and any other festival with their families and give them gifts to show their love.

But if for some reason you are unable to spend this occasion with them, then at least you can send Thanksgiving gifts for family members to proclaim your love for them. Sending gifts at the Thanksgiving festival will surely double the joy of their festivities as they will regard your thankfulness and love for them.

You can find a variety of gifts for your family members on Giftpack.


happy young group of friends having lunch together

Gifting is a unique way to make anyone feel special. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves because we feel a deep connection with them. The vibe we share with friends is so unique that it is difficult to explain this feeling in words. Because words can’t do justice to the special bond friends share.

A Thanksgiving gift for friends shows how much you care for them and how important are their existences in your life. Everyone loves to send gifts on special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas to close friends to show them the warmth of their feelings that they remember their friends on the joy of such festivities.

Giftpack has numerous gift ideas to surprise your friends with wonderful gifts to make their Thanksgiving special.

Teachers & Mentors

young woman teacher wearing glasses explaining lesson  with confidence

Besides family, friends, and colleagues, teachers are the most special people in your life. Our teachers are what make us who we are today. They hold a special place in our lives. No matter what profession we are in, our teachers definitely played a big role in your decision.

As a student who regards the efforts and time that they have invested in us, it is a great gesture if we remember them on special occasions and festivals.

Again, Giftpack shares numerous ideas of Thanksgiving gifts for teachers to pay our respectful regard to them.

Choosing the Right Thanksgiving Gift These People

young business women choosing the right things

Now that you know who you should send gifts to on this special day of the year, below we will walk you through some of the tips to find the best gifts for them! Or you can go straight to our Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for this year!

While sending a gift to someone, the biggest task is to choose the right gift. It is quite challenging to find a meaningful gift that the recipient will like and that depicts your thankful feelings as well. A personalized gift that fits recipients’ interests and liking is what you need to make their day special.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees & Colleagues

When it comes to buying gifts for employees, the challenge is real. Especially for corporations with a huge number of employees, it is a tricky task to find appropriate Thanksgiving gifts for employees because all employees have varying personalities, desires, and needs.

Sending them a meaningful and useful gift becomes quite a task because it is way too difficult to know the personality of all employees, it is another level if you have quite a number of employees.

Recommendation: Experience vouchers. Since Thanksgiving is a day meant to be spent with loved ones, most of the time, it would be family or close friends. Sending giving your employees a chance to relax and recharge will definitely be the best gift thanksgiving gift ideas.

If you are assigned the task of sending gifts on behalf of your corporation and you are confused about what to do then don’t worry at all. Because Giftpack got you covered. With the amazing AI (artificial intelligence) embedded technology, Giftpack has solved the issue of choosing the right gift for your employees.

Now, you can send personalized gifts that convey your care, concern, and thoughtfulness to the employees at scale with Giftpack.

How it works

All you have to do is to add the details of recipients like their email ids or contact details and Giftpack will send them a 2-minute questionnaire to learn about their personalities. Then the AI technology will filter the 5 most suitable gifts for them from a database of millions of gift items (3.5 millions to be exact). You can also share their social media profiles and the AI technology will judge their personality based on the data it fetched from their social media profiles and their digital footprints. With the 5 recommended gifts, the employees can then choose the gift of their best likings for their Thanksgiving gifts this year!

Thanksgiving gifts for Family

Finding gifts for a family member is a bit easier because you probably already know this person’s likes and dislikes, therefore what he or she would like as a gift.

Unlike employees or colleagues, you most likely don’t have to send gifts at scale. So you can also focus the time and effort on finding the gift that will bring warmth to their hearts.

Recommendation: Thanksgiving-themed food such as a cake, a pie, or a snack basket. Since the tradition is to spend Thanksgiving with family. Sending food and beverage types of gifts to be consumed on this day are one of the best gift ideas for this occasion.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Friends

Choosing the right gifts for your close friends is also not too difficult. Like a family member, you already know this person well, it will probably take you one trip to the mall to find awesome gifts for your friends.

What is different about friends is that you won’t be spending Thanksgiving with them (usually). So you want to look for something that is fun and can be used over and over again.

Recommendation: Board games. This is something that can help bring the friendship even closer than they already are! And whenever it’s board game nights, you’d know that you will be thought of!

Thanksgiving Gifts for Teachers & Mentors

Finding Thanksgiving gifts for teachers who have great influence on you would be a lot like finding gifts for a close family member. You can most likely guess a good gift for your teachers depending on their personality and interaction with you.

So, for teachers you can consider keywords that best describe their personality, likes, as well as their roles as an educator.

Recommendation: Books. This can be a book of your likings. Sharing something as personal as a book that you have recently read and really like can do two things. Not only will you be sharing good information, you will also be informing your previous mentor(s) that thanks to them, you are still growing continuously.

How Can Giftpack Help You Find the Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts?

You must be wondering if you can order a gift online and add the recipient's address on your own, then why go to Giftpack? Well, there are several good reasons to try their service as a corporation. Some of the major reasons are:

  • Your shared data about your employees are safe in the Giftpack database and are not shared with any third party.
  • You can track the real-time location of the gifts you dispatched through Giftpack.
  • It saves your precious time to choose personalized gifts for all your employees. Personalized gifts leave a powerful impact on employees. They regard the corporation’s effort of going the extra mile to send something that matches their unique personality. This way they feel much closer to the corporation. It elevates both employee loyalty and employee satisfaction.
  • It helps you to manage your other tasks with gift-sending activities. You can save Thanksgiving dates and lock in employees’ profiles and Giftpack will automatically dispatch gifts when the date arrives.
  • You can send gifts to your employees anywhere you want. Giftpack can send gifts at a chosen time to any location on the globe so you can easily send gifts to all your employees spread across various cities or even countries. You can even send gifts to your remote workers and appreciate their efforts.
  • It gives employees the autonomy to choose from 5 gift items. This way they can choose the gift as per their priority and liking.
  • The most amazing feature is that it even takes feedback from employees on the sent gifts. This way corporations can know if employees like their gifts or not and what gesture was missing in the current year. They can also understand what employees expect from them. Based on the feedback data they can then think of an even better gifting strategy for the next occasion.
  • Corporations can save precious time and save themselves from the hassle of buying and dispatching individual gifts. All they have to do is to click and share the recipient's list and leave the rest on the Giftpack. This way they can dispatch Thanksgiving gifts from the comfort of their office.

Make your gifting efficient and improve your ROI with Giftpack AI.

Visit our product page to learn more about what we can do for you!

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Tim Kuo

Tim Kuo

Aug 25th 20238 min read

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