10 Ways To Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19
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10 Ways To Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19

A token of appreciation is a small act of kindness that shows gratitude — further boosting employee morale. Take a look at 10 ways to boost employee morale during Covid-19!

Victoria Pi

Victoria Pi

Dec 15th 20235 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted our way of working. Employee morale has taken a hit. Whether it’s working-from-home (WFH) or out on the front-lines every day, employees of all organizations are impacted.

Connecting with your employees during these unprecedented times is imperative. Engage with your employees to inspire them to work more productively. Motivated employees enhance sales and increase customer retention.

From sending employees gifts to checking in on their well-being, here are 10 ways to boost morale during these uncertain times.

1. Show appreciation

Make a meaningful effort to say thank you for their contributions.

Recognition goes a long way in making your team feel fulfilled in their jobs. A simple handwritten card or thoughtful gift is invaluable in saying thanks. Inspire people to strive for excellence and build meaning into their work.

Consider sending a personalized gift as a token of appreciation. Give a memorable gift that conveys your respect for their efforts. Remind them of their value to the team.

A token of appreciation is a small act of kindness that shows gratitude. — Josh Hrala

Create real-life connections through the giving of gifts to express your message of thanks, even during social distancing. Giftpack makes it easy to personalize gifts to show your staff you care and value their contribution to the company. Learn how Giftpack is here to help you say thank you to your employees by taking care of all aspects of the gifting process.

2. Communicate frequently

Keep communication outlets open to update your team.

Low morale indicators by Forbes is a quick way to check if your team needs more support. These can include fewer communication instances from team members in sharing ideas and a decline in overall work quality.

Make use of virtual ways to connect. Use video or audio calls and other collaboration software to manage conversations. Establish feedback mechanisms to answer staff uncertainties. Encourage the sharing of activities to feel less alone. Keep communications transparent to build trust during the pandemic.

3. Celebrate achievements and milestones

Recognize employees for their achievements.

WFH practices make it difficult to celebrate successes in-person. Constant communication and virtual meetings can foster a stronger sense of community during these disruptive times.

Sending a unique gift to bridge the in-person divide and celebrate accomplishments. Giftpack AI’s gifting service makes it possible to quickly send personalized gifts to your employees worldwide. Especially with our Slack integration now, corporates can easily send employee gifts and never miss a moment celebrating any achievements! !

Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

4. Making mental health resources accessible

Promote available health resources.

Stay-at-home orders can cause feelings of loneliness or depression to surface, underscoring the need for accessible resources for employees. Many healthcare services have moved online to provide support virtually. Take time to understand and share what resources are available. Help them get through this time without judgment.

For instance, if your employees are in Charlotte, NC, communicating to them the option of virtual therapy appointments with a reputable therapist in Charlotte, NC, will be beneficial. This specific resource, amongst others, could provide invaluable support to those grappling with mental health concerns during these tumultuous times.

WFH can come with the added stress of having to be available 24/7. Promote work-life balance. Communicate the importance of taking breaks and being away from work-related activities. Logging off to focus on individual well-being can increase productivity as staff return feeling rejuvenated.

5. Reinforce and remind your purpose

Emphasize why employees are coming to work, especially those working on the front lines.

Grocery store staff are feeding families to survive. Healthcare workers are saving lives. Delivery services are protecting vulnerable people to access necessities at home. Focus on the importance of their work and how it is bettering society.

Show your essential workers you acknowledge their efforts through gifts to revitalize their motivation and boost productivity. Here’s a guide to successful corporate gifting in 2020 to get started.

6. Spent time with your team

Check-in to see how people are doing.

Prioritize connecting with your team and find all the ways to recognize their efforts. The lack of in-person interaction and remote work can increase anxiety. Create an environment of psychological safety where staff feels comfortable sharing their thoughts. Let your team know you are available to offer support.

Encourage them to share their thoughts to find better ways of guiding them to success. Asking “are you OK” can make a difference in someone’s life and show them you care about how they are doing.

7. Create opportunities for social connections

Host virtual coffee meetings, celebrations, fitness sessions, etc. to foster relationships beyond work topics.

Social activities typically held in-person doesn’t have to be put on hold due to lockdown. Give workers an emotional break by organizing activities that offer the opportunity to connect on a less formal basis. Open informal channels to allow workers to share personal stories. Eliminate feelings of isolation by finding new ways of strengthening connections with your team.

8. Utilize new technologies for remote working

Stay on the same page with collaboration tools.

Each business is at a different stage of digital transformation, but COVID-19 has accelerated efforts as online working is pushed to the forefront. Employees need technological solutions to work in teams and complete daily activities.

Provide training for educating your team on how to use and be familiar with social media resources correctly to ensure they are able to keep connected. Equip employees with the tools and knowledge for success. Collaborate with departments to get equipment such as laptops, keyboards, microphones, etc. to those who need it. Share key contacts to troubleshoot tech issues and minimize frustrations.

9. Be flexible and empathetic

Be understanding of different circumstances.

With increased time spent at home or at work on the front lines, people’s daily routines have changed. Some parents have child-care duties while others are juggling household responsibilities. Small acts like letting parents put their children to bed or starting work before the kids are awake can decrease pressure and potential interruptions.

Be flexible with work hours. Let employees plan their time around distractions and accommodate different schedules. Understand the variety of new responsibilities people might have and adjust accordingly to help ease the stress.

10. Take care of yourself

Set an example to inspire others to follow.

Employees look for guidance from leadership, so it’s vital you are mentally and physically well to bear those responsibilities. Follow the advice you give to your workforce yourself to help stay focused during these uncertain times.

As well as looking at productivity, it's also important to remember to acknowledge the often distinct needs of your employees. When possible, you should look to increase employee happiness and motivation through events like this. Ensuring your employees are happy and motivated will contribute to a positive work environment, which will in turn lead to increased employee productivity. Let these 10 tips help you boost morale during COVID-19!

What are some ways your business is helping to boost employee morale? Let us know.

Victoria Pi

Victoria Pi

Dec 15th 20235 min read

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