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8 Best Mobile Apps that Will Save You Time on Corporate Gifting
8 Best Mobile Apps that Will Save You Time on Corporate Gifting
Technology accelerates efficiency. Let’s see what are your options to select corporate gifting without putting brain cells and manpower!
8 Best Mobile Apps that Will Save You Time on Corporate Gifting
Aug 8th 2022 5 min read

There must be a way to do corporate gifting more effortlessly.

It’s no secret that the commercial world is getting more and more competitive in the digital era and from time to time, you must wonder how to stand out among the competitors. Apart from improving your products, corporate gifting plays an important role because it is a great way to keep your employees and clients’ loyalty.

Yet, there is plenty of work for corporate gifting beforehand, from clients’ or employees’ mailing address collection, gift selection to shipping arrangement… etc. Every step is more time-consuming than you thought. Therefore, the followings are the 8 best mobile apps that may help to save your time on corporate gifting.

1/ Giftagram

Giftagram creates a customised corporate gifting experience for you and your recipients. You can choose the gifts and schedule the shipping dates on the app. Plus, the package is able to be customized, as well. If you like to send a gift to a client but you do not know his/her actual address, Giftagram helps you to solve that. As long as you have their email address, Giftagram would send text or email to them with personalized messages and ask for their actual address.

Download for free for iOS or Android

2/ Giftup

Even a simple card can make people feel special. Giftup provides customized business gift cards/rewarding certificate services. Thus, not only you are able to put your branding and logo on it but also able to design the card on your own! Moreover, Giftup offers both postal orders and automated email delivery service and you could choose directly in the app. I believe this would save you time if you would like to send a card as a gift!

Download for free for iOS or Android

3/ Zeel

Throughout this pandemic period, #WFH is a trend worldwide. If you are concerned that your employees are overwhelmed by working all day at home, Zeel is here to help you. Zeel connects expert massage therapists in their area so you can book them an in-home spa treatment. Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage… etc. are upon your request.

Download for free iOS or Android

4/ Artifact Uprising

If you like to send personalized cards or calendar as corporate gifting, then Artifact Uprising would be a great choice for you. You are able to create unique photo books, cards, calendars, etc., by putting your photo from your phone or Instagram on it. They provide shipping service, as well. Therefore, it can save you lots of time on corporate gifting.

Download for free for iOS

5/ Gyft

Forget to buy a gift card to the person you loved in the last minutes? Gyft integrates over five big online retailers and 200 brands so that you are able to choose the perfect card for your perfect person from different websites. Furthermore, you can even send it to the receiver directly whenever you want!

Download for free for iOS

6/ Minibar

A bottle of perfect wine or champagne is a great gift on any occasion. On Minibar, there are hundreds of choices of alcohol for customers to buy and they provide delivery service, as well! If you prefer to send alcohol as a gift, then Minibar would be the best option.

Download for free for iOS

7/ 1–800-Flower

1–800-Flower is a flower delivery app that can be used for birthdays or anniversaries’ gifting. They provide hundreds of great flowers and you can place orders and ship the flowers directly through the app.

Download for free for iOS or Android

8/ Cako

Cako provides a cupcake delivery service. It helps you find the perfect cupcake and deliver it to the receivers immediately. Besides, they also provide customized cupcakes service, which would make this gifting journey more memorable.

Download for free for iOS

9/ Giftpack

Giftpack is not an app but it’s still worth mentioning as it is a one-stop platform for corporate gifting. We believe that gift selection matters the most for most recipients and one gift doesn't fit all so our AI-powered solution aims to find the perfect and personalised gifts for your gift receivers for you, under your budget.

Therefore, you only have to provide your budget, needs, expected gifting time, etc. We can help you handle all the gifting process and save your time as much as possible. In fact, we can help you to send personalized gifts 95% faster.

Having a limited budget? Wanted to integrate your gifting programs to your daily used business platform? Don’t know who’s the best gifting company? Check out Giftpack! We got you all covered.

“Best gifting solution experience with just one click away.” Giftpack saves your time and gives your clients or employees the best gifting experience at the same time!

8 Best Mobile Apps that Will Save You Time on Corporate Gifting
Jan 21st 2022 Origin

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