8 Thanksgiving Gifts To Give Your Employees That They'll Actually Appreciate

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8 Thanksgiving Gifts To Give Your Employees That They'll Actually Appreciate

What are the best Thanksgiving gifts for employees? Deliver your appreciation to their doorstep this holiday! Check out 8 gifts that are perfect for this Thanksgiving. Or talk to Giftpack for more information!

Octavia Chen

Octavia Chen

Nov 30th 20225 min read

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Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada that celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year.

The holiday is often the busiest of the year, not only family members gather with one another to show gratitude to each other, but also employers appreciate the hard work from the past months of the year.

There is no difference in the business world. Since the pandemic, everyone is more stressed. Companies tried their best to adjust work style accordingly, but the employees also gave extra effort to adapt to changes in work and life. That is why employers should think about showing appreciation to their employees.

Normally, companies would host dinners or gatherings while employees unwrap their thanksgiving gifts. And how excited employees are will depend on the gifts. So in this article, we rounded up 8 perfect thanksgiving gifts that your employees will enjoy!

Why Are Thanksgiving Gifts Important?

Showing gratitude to your employees for being part of your company and appreciating their contributions to the team helps form a positive community and a sense of togetherness. A lot of employers already realized that it is essential to the growth of the business, and are showing their appreciation throughout the year.

Thanksgiving happens to be the perfect holiday for showing gratitude. Besides, a traditional gesture of celebrating Thanksgiving is a kind gesture that has a positive impact on employees psychologically as well.

Below are some positive impacts when your employees feel appreciated:

8 Perfect Thanksgiving Gifts

1. Red wine

red wine set

Nothing goes right without the perfect accompaniment for a Thanksgiving meal – red wine! It would certainly make great employee appreciation gifts, especially during this festive time. But before sending, do a quick research and make sure your recipients drink wine.

2. Handmade chocolate


The most heartwarming moment during Thanksgiving time is to share a box of chocolate with families, friends, and coworkers. Thanksgiving is all about the food, and sharing. Bring on the chocolates and nuts to add to the festivities.

3. Gift cards (food)

food gift cards

Food stands as an integral part of the celebration. Therefore, food vouchers will always be appropriate and desirable. This is also a perfect gift for your remote employees to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.

Find more gift card options on Giftpack. We have partnered with various brands and you will find many restaurants gift cards available online!

4. Bath gift set

bath set

A little bit of self-care! Your employees or clients must need this bath set to loosen up after a tiresome day of work. Especially on a holiday like this, they would really enjoy a relaxing bath at home. The bath gift set includes 8 different high quality beauty products which is an excellent gift idea for many occasions, including this one

5. Knife set

french knife set

Perfect knife sets help with cutting, chopping, and slicing that need to be done. It also easily handles delicate food like tomatoes and cuts bread without smashing the loaf. Your recipients will be more than delighted to receive this knife set on Thanksgiving and appreciate you making their turkey cutting a lot easier!

6. Coffee kit

coffee kit

Let this coffee kit start your recipients’ day! A nice and warm coffee has always been the energy boost to keep up the good work. This cup of joe is certainly something your employees or clients who have to go to work on a daily basis will enjoy.

7. Tableware

bamboo tableware

Most people deem carrying their utensils a burden and wouldn’t want the hassle. But try these reusable bamboo utensils without the guilt of single-use plastics. High quality of Bamboo’s sustainable utensils are biodegradable. Reminding your employees or clients to be thankful to earth by being more environmentally friendly.

8. Moon pod

moon pod

The best chair one can have at home or office. The pod is extremely comfortable and naturally fits any body's shape and movement. A great help to relieve back and neck pain, reducing anxiety and stress from working. Again, something that will help your recipients relax!

The whole gifting process can be quite a pain, especially as we know that the bigger the company, the more complicated the whole process. Moreover, it’s such a hassle to find the gifts that will not only be within the budget but also appreciated by your recipients.

When preparing holiday gifts for clients and employees, you might encounter these problems:

  • time-consuming
  • logistic hassle
  • wrapping
  • delivery

So, what is the solution to this gifting dilemma? We are glad you asked.


Giftpack understands the frustration and confusion when it comes to corporate gifting. We are fully aware of the need for companies to make employees feel appreciated and special. Giftpack has built the AI gifting system that helps simplify the gifting process and helps corporations source the perfect gifts each time.

Giftpack is your future gifting solution.

Using artificial intelligence and exclusive global shipping service, Giftpack has changed the gifting game.

Giftpack also integrate with several pipelines such as Slack, HubSpot, etc, so you won’t miss any important day of celebrations. Build customized gifting automation from your daily tool to Giftpack to bring you a hands-free operation with great efficiency.

Book a call with us and learn more!

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Octavia Chen

Octavia Chen

Nov 30th 20225 min read

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